Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Korea Adventures!!!

Hi everyone!!! It's my 6th day in Korea! I can't believe it's already been almost a week! Yesterday my uncle came over which was very exciting. His daughter is in 2nd grade and I am 12 years older than her omg. His son is 6, I think. We had Korean barbecue and it was so good! We had a lot of fun playing together :) I love little kids!! Sorry for the lack of detail.. I'm a bit tired at this point. I saw him two days ago!

Here are the photos from the last time I went major shopping (hair and boutique shopping on day 2, shopping mall on day 3, Daiso day 4, no shopping day 5, Hongdae day 6). I'll take a picture of all the shoes later.

Then I went to eat waffles yesterday! Yesterday was a slow, lazy day.

Today I just got back from Hongdae!!! Hongdae is a coffee/beer/club district and I had a lot of fun shopping. I bought two pairs of shoes and who can resist shoes? I've bought 4 pairs now... My friend N and I realized that the Eat Your Kimchi studio is located in Hongdae so we went to go see it. There were so many obstacles in our way. I'm so tired of it and I don't want to talk about it. But if any of you are ever in Korea and want to see it, make sure to email for an appointment before. I walked around for 5 hours in the baking heat so I'm really exhausted.

The darned studio. 

A really cool store!!

Coffees :D

I'm seriously so tired right now. Sorry for the short posts. I've been really busy/tired. I'm leaving Seoul for a short while and won't have much internet access. I promise to post post post post when I get back home though. :) byebye!

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