Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August 1st!

I had a lovely two day outing with my friend N. Food. Shopping. Cafe. 
It's already the first day of August!! I spent my first day of August (um, I live in the US so compared to US time, Korea time is one day ahead.. well 16/17 hours to be precise) in Gangnam!! Gangnam is a very foreigner friendly city. There are so many American brands! I saw so many Starbucks, American Apparel, McDonalds, and even a Johnny Rockets. Korea is the only country where there is a substitute for McDonalds.. I'm going down to Busan at 2pm to see my dad's side of the family!! I have a guy cousin 6 months younger than me, two girl cousins at 13 and 10. Korean age is so confusing. No one knows if I'm 17 or 18.

I don't know if I want to even do another haul post. It makes me feel bad seeing all the things I bought flash up on the screen. My mom told me to stop. :( I really regret buying this dress from a subway boutique though. Mehh, maybe I'll fix it at home.

Sorry for the constant stream of short posts...

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