Friday, August 23, 2013

I am a Successful Landlady.

Hehe I am not good at gaming (I think we established that...) but I love kairosoft games :)) Do any of you guys play those games? This one is called Dream House Days and you have your own apartment complex. In all kairosoft games you manage some sort of institution and you try not to go bankrupt while expanding. I highly encourage them!!!! Here are some photos of my beauuuutiful complex haha. 

My first resident was Anne Houser. I am really annoyed that all the husbands/wives are homemakers ... anyways she became really rich and had like 2 romantic interests..which is normal in this game. She got married and was like the only one who paid all the freaking rent. Her kid Belinda Houser is also super intelligent and became a botanist and earns 12.3 k... her daughter Belle is also really smart. It must be a Houser thing. 

the map of my complex! I have expanded a lot :) 

one of the coolest apartments on my complex. EXCEPT this guy won't freaking pay rent.

Just a shot of some more apartments. The girl with the ribbon is mini me!

Here is Anne's family!! Belinda moved out and got married and had Belle. Belle is also super perfect.

If you guys do play this game then you should leave your id in the comments so I can add you :) 

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  1. Seems like a very fun game. I'm not much of a gamer either, but I always like this kind of games.
    But that's not why I'm commenting. It's rather weird, but without having played it, I keep dreaming about this game o.O