Sunday, August 18, 2013

Amusement Park Date!

This Saturday, I had the good fortune of visiting an amusement park with S and his church. His church is a Chinese church with such cool people!!!! They were all so nice to me even though it's their first time seeing me. I haven't been to an actual amusement park with what everyone pictures when the word roller coaster is said. I went to Universal Studios with J a while back but Universal Studios doesn't have that many rides and the purpose is not to ride super fast, super tall, and super scary roller coasters. It's more of a tourist attraction with more shows, food, games, etc. We rode almost everything worth riding and I've missed that sense of exhilaration you get as the line inches forward or the moments before the first downhill slope.

This is not to say that there weren't any awkward moments. Everyone thought it was unacceptable that we aren't officially dating . . . except most of that pressure fell on him lol. After the amusement park, we went to In&Out and Snowflake, a tea house. At Snowflake, I went to go use the bathroom and apparently they yelled at him to make it official.

In&Out gives you hats if you ask!!! So cool!

In the middle of a line, we were doing calculus "together" . . . and one of the girls asked "is this what you guys do on dates?" in a a totally serious voice. We just both stared away.

I said that I wanted cotton candy on a stick because I have such fond memories of twirling the little stick around, watching the pink puff follow suit. Holding cotton candy around is such a timeless joy. Anyways... S and I went through so much trouble to find it. We couldn't find it in stick form so I just went with a bag of cotton candy. Hehe it was so good, but so much...

Amusement park? Check! As the summer is winding down, I've done practically everything that I've wanted to do, ever.

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  1. How wonderful :) I'm so happy for you!