Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back at Home at Last

Hi everyone!!!! It's been a long time since I've written here and I'm so sorry about that. It was really hard to blog in Korea because I was in the mindset of vacation. I'm back home in California now and I have really missed home. I really didn't want to leave Korea but I had long forgotten the hidden allures of home. It is weird not hearing Korean everywhere! I've missed sleeping in my own bed and eating a light breakfast in the morning. I have even missed the library. Can you believe that? When I was taking a shower this morning with my grapefruit and olive oil shampoo, it was the greatest feeling in the world. I love the feeling of walking outside and not sweating. I'm wearing jeans even though I hate jeans because it's so cold here! I'm spending my last moments of summer vacation studying and finishing up all the summer homework.

Surprisingly I'm not jetlagged and I slept at 10 pm yesterday. For me, that's SOOOOOO early! I haven't slept at ten for like 5 years.. Granted, I hadn't slept for 20 ish hours. Hehe, on the flight here I was watching movies the whole time on the little screen. My eyes are suffering but I think that's the only pain I feel.

I'm going to Great America (it's like Six Flags) on Saturday with S and ah I'm so excited!!! I haven't been to an actual amusement park for so long!!! I did go to Universal Studios with J (this post should be pretty easy to find..) but Universal Studios doesn't have that many roller coasters. I'm a roller coaster fanatic even if I get really scared and scream all the time. My parents, surprisingly, are letting me go but not without a round of questions. I have no idea where my mom gets her questions from.

When I returned I was dead set on getting an upgrade on my phone. My phone hates me and never functions properly. I've put up with it for about a year and a half. I just heard that Apple is releasing the iPhone 6 the day before my birthday (in September) and arghhhh. They're not selling it then so I'd realistically have to wait until like December..

My grandma from Busan is here with us and I'm not sure when she's leaving. She thinks it's strange how little my whole family eats. That's about all I have for an update. I cleaned my room yesterday so it looks quite nice. Here is a little state of the union for July.

Slightly curly hair 
Korean boutique shopping 
Indigo (clothing)
Stripes and polka dots
Rabbit pencil case
San Francisco weather
Peplum tops
Jeopardy & I Hear Your Voice

Straight hair
San Francisco shopping mall
Skinfood (korean brand) shampoo
Pink (clothing)
Solid colors
Ribbon pencil case
tank tops
Wheel of Fortune & Coffee Prince

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