Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello Mr. Moon

lol this just looks like saran wrap. 
My busy school life is starting again! I'm part of Link Crew (a sort of welcoming committee). Today we had our training day and my bestfrand and my sort of boyfriend (who was wonderful enough to help us out...) were working on candy necklaces. The wind made it very difficult to do this. I almost had a breakdown though. . . I don't think I'm emotionally okay. I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with me. I might be at risk for bipolarity. Tomorrow is the day where we get our schedules and time for me to show off my directional and tour giving skills (which don't exist...)! Although summer has come to end, I have missed my friends way too much. SENIOR YEARRRR.
the moon! 
update: even if they were terribly stressful to make, I received so many "compliments" teehee. It's so nice to see all my friends once again. 

In other recent news, I got a new phone!!! I had a Samsung Infuse for about a year and a half. It hated me as we all know but my new phone absolutely adores me. The case hasn't come in the mail and I'm still trying to figure out how to use all the features. I think I got a good grasp on it now but it's a lot different from my old phone! 

So I have a funny story for all of you here! I was talking to one of my friends, her name is also J (a different person with the same name...). I wanted some help with summer homework but instead of helping me figure out the answer, she told me she hadn't done it yet and to go watch a youtube video about being bored lols. She told me to also go see the moon because it was really bright. I tried looking out from the window and I couldn't see anything. I hurriedly ran outside to the front parking lot without any shoes but still couldn't see the darned moon! I changed my pants, put on some shoes, and went to the other side of where I live. Hehe in the midst, I called S to come help me find it, ah the benefits of only living 4 mins away. 


  1. Oh being busy is a blessing. What happened to you? Are you okay?

    ITS SO GOOD TO SEE ALL YOUR FRIENDS AGAIN! :D iHOPE you have a lovely time out there. :)

    You know what? I am very bad at grasping and getting used to new phones. I have blackberry and I am thinking to buy a new one but obviously not a touch phone.

    OMG and its so much fun to live near. I used to live near to my best friend. But not anymore.

    Anyway how have you been?

  2. I know!!! Rolling around at home is the hardest thing, ever. I'm fine, I think. I'm just not emotionally stable lol. It's hard returning to normal life after 2.5 months of vacation.

    Thanks :) my friend H was saying how it was just like prom (all the hugging and screaming) without the fancy dresses and tennis shoes.

    touch phones are so funn :D

    yeahh! It's really convenient if you can't find the moon by yourself too..

    i've been quite well :) I hope you're doing well too!