Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Things I'll Never Subject My Child To

Hello everyone! I hope the new layout is treating everyone well. If you have any issues with it, please post a comment or write on the c-box. Today was the last day of my winter break and I only have one last weekend to savor freedom. It's almost finals and I'm having all sort of crazy stress dreams. You know you're stressed when your dreams are so disturbing you'd rather wake up. I guess I'm not in a particularly good mood because my parents invite people without telling me. I've managed to ward off any child sitting duties but they're screaming their heads off. Actually, that's not the worst part either. I busy doing English homework and they come in every five minutes to ask me what I'm doing in a petulant manner. I've really perfected the "scary" glare. Hahah, what a joke. At least I'm taken seriously enough by them.

Hahah, update. They had a little ringleader. She's the oldest girl at 6 and it was her bright idea to have these kids intrude my room in the first place. But right now, they've decided to play with the lights against the wishes of the ringleader. She had the nerve to come in to my room and ask me to take care of her business.

They stole my cat stickers... No one steals my cat stickers. I love cats and those cat stickers were my favorite haha. I finally persuaded them to leave with many many pictures & stickers.

Kids nowadays are bossy, pushy, and think that they own everything. One kid was asked what my pink graphing calculator was. It doesn't look much like a calculator but rather something only really nerdy people collect (I have almost enough to call my set of TI calculators a collection) or something from a sci fi film. She decides after hearing that it's a calculator to step on it. What? I swiftly grabbed it and put it somewhere she couldn't reach. At the same time, another kid decided that my polaroid camera was hers. She was about to snap a picture but I saved a precious film from being used pointlessly. My child will not be like them. 

Since it is the last day of winter break, here's what I've been able to accomplish.

Things I want to do:

1. Ice skating! 

2. Watching movies at the theater

3. Eat at a fancy restaurant 
4. Seeing the giant Christmas tree at Union Square, San Francisco 
5. Read chick flicks
6. Watch korean dramas (School 2013 anyone?) 
7. Visit an art museum! 
8. Drink hot chocolate (or any of those things stated above) with someone special. Can I make it any more obvious? 
9. Go on a fun trip! 
10. Get a hair cut. 
11. Write lots and lots of things that I don't ever have time for. 
12. SKI! I'm still a Coloradan at heart. (Is that proper?)
13. See a musical. 
14. Sleep. 

I've been able to watch movie at a theater, read a chick flick, watched korean drama School 2013, have not drank hot chocolate (but I did text him merry christmas & happy new year), have not gone a fun trip, got a hair cut (:p), wrote a lot, did not ski or see a musical, but I was able to get a minimal amount of sleep.

I guess it's worth a TG update. So as you may or may not know, I teach him Korean. I wrote a New Years message in Korean (we both have phones that read Korean) and added an ... 오빠? (...oppa?) at the end. And we talked about how no one has called him 오빠 before. I don't know if I'll continue though because it sounds really strange attached to him haha. One of the perks of dating an older Korean guy is to call him 오빠. hehehe. 

5 Things I'll Never Subject My Child To
  1. Being friends with my friend's children. Except one case, I've never formed friendships with any of my parents' friends' kids. It just makes for awkward road trips. 
  2. Babysitting kids. I already do this every Saturday and Sunday. I need a break too. They stole my cat stickers. 
  3. Wear clothes that I pick out for them at age 12. Children at age 12 are old enough to pick their own cloths. 
  4. Get a haircut they don't want. My mother made me get a pixie cut before middle school and that was the worst. 
  5. Watch the movies that I liked to watch as a kid. Self explanatory. 


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