Sunday, January 27, 2013

Experimenting in the Kitchen!

Hello everyoneee! I had a semi-mental breakdown yesterday and so . . . I was not in the mood to post. But many, many posts are in the works!! I'm planning a short series (I promise to finish it) and my very own "fashion" tip section! It's probably going to be less fashion and more cute stuff that is really useful. I haven't come up with a catchy name yet. Maybe some of you are disappointed that this blog won't satisfy your fashion needs but it's really because I don't have anyone to take pictures of my not very fashionable outfits. I have a couple fashionable outfits but only enough for maybe 2 posts. I did post about sweaters so check out 

So today, my parents had some lunch appointment after church. I thought they'd be back in time for dinner so I didn't really stress about what to eat. I prowled at around 4 for ramen (does anyone else like to eat ramen raw?) and scoured ALL the cabinets but there was no ramen to be found. My dad calls around six saying he's probably going to be late. This is our conversation:

Dad: Did you eat yet?
Me: Oh, not yet.
Dad: What are you going to eat?
Me: Are you going to be home late? Is it almost over?
Dad: I think so. What are you going to eat?
Me: Oh, is there anything to eat? I tried looking for ramen....
Dad: We ate the last ramen yesterday. And I don't think there's any food. There's definitely some cereal so you can eat that.
Me: Er okay, I'll look.
Dad: Wait, I think there's potatoes and rice. And tofu and chicken.
Me: Oh okay. Sounds good. Bye.

So I looked in the fridge and there were all of those previously stated ingredients. I looked on Food Network and found a wonderful recipe for fried chicken! Here's the link.

Here's what I did... and this is for single serving.
1. chicken (adjust your serving based on how much you want to eat)
2. 1 egg (I used 2 but 1 is probably better)
3. Dried parsley (2 tablespoons)
4. One lemon
5. Salt and pepper
6. 3 spoonfuls of flour
7. Handful of cheese (I used mixed Mexican cheddar)
8. 2 bowls
9. One plate & optional napkin
10. Chopsticks, tongs, whisk, some utensil to pick up the chicken with
11. Frying pan, stove, knife, chopping board, a metal utensil to pound the chicken with

1. Cut the chicken into reasonable slices. I also cut any fat out but that's up to you. Pound the chicken lightly with metal utensil
2. Season chicken with salt and pepper.
3. Make the egg mixture by whisking together the egg (or in my case eggs), parsley, cheese, and lemon juice in a bowl. Use chopsticks (or alternative utensil) to dip chicken. Leave for one to two minutes.
4. Put flour into a bowl. Transfer the egg-dipped chicken into flour. Cover chicken with just enough flour. It makes a flakier crust if you have less flour.
5. Put frying pan onto stove. Pour in enough oil to coat the pan about 2 inches. (This is a rough estimate. I don't actually stick rulers into a pan full of vegetable oil) Turn heat to high and wait for oil to start boiling. When the oil is boiling, place the chicken onto the pan.
6. Flip the chicken after about thirty seconds.
7. After three to four minutes, take the chicken out and place on the plate. If you want to avoid a mess, you can place a napkin on top of the plate.
8. Eat chicken with preferred sauce. I ate mine with ketchup!

And it only took about 20 minutes! If I can do it, it means it's simple. So have a good dinner. I definitely had a fun time cooking and eating this. xx

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