Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mom & Me

Hello! Today was an exciting day in the city. I haven't been out in the city since . . . my friend came from Colorado a few months ago. Even though I live next to such a bustling and wonderful city, I rarely ever visit it. Today I had some time and it was fun spending time with my mom. Even though I, like almost all teenagers, feel misunderstood by my parents at every bend in the road, I still appreciate them so much. Who else still loves you after seeing your absolute worst moments all the time? These are the people who pick you up after meltdowns and comfort you about your terrible skin. Yes, they are the people who see you before you can put on any makeup and before you can muster energy to smile and be happy. Parents teach you the way and they are absolutely the most important in my life (maybe after my grandmother). Those without parents are some of the bravest people I've ever met.

Anyways. . . I had a great day shopping and eating and spending time with my mom. I never knew how good gelato was! For those of you who haven't tried gelato yet (me as of yesterday), you definitely should. It tasted like a mix between ice cream and sherbet and of course it depends on what flavors you try. I would also like to mention at this time that crepes are ridiculously overpriced. They taste so delicious though. . . 

I have another random thought before we part ways. Have you compared shoes and books? Both are essential in my opinion. Books feed the soul and shoes. . .well you need shoes don't you? If a  If a shoe closet was a library, Oxfords would be like a good chick flick that you can always, always read over and over on a bad day (may I suggest Sophie Kinsella?). Oxfords are a must have in the shoe department. They are perfect for spring and fall. Oxfords can dress up a casual outfit or dress down a fancy dress.  Oxfords always make your outfits shine with that little hint of sophisication. Twilight would be equivalent to those cheap but sparkly flats that you can only wear once or twice. They never abandon you but you get annoyed and toss them in the trash. You know how cheap they look but yet since they sparkle and shine, you buy them. You regret your purchase every time but yet, here they are again. Those old but still comfortable UGG (that codes for a stop codon, jk biology doesn't belong here) boots would be Harry Potter. They're worn but too precious to throw away and sometimes you even wear them out. Like classic UGG boots, Harry Potter is never out of style. Maybe they aren't the most fashionable or glittery thing out there, but Harry Potter and classic UGG boots are both reliable and cozy. East of Eden is like a really fashionable leather boot. You get some literary street cred if you tell people it's your favorite book. If you tell people the deep meaning of fate vs choice, they'll be blown away.  Same with Moby Dick. Except if East of Eden is the type of long knee high leather boot, Moby Dick is the short ankle kind with laces and no zipper. Moby Dick takes considerably longer to read and enjoy than East of Eden. It takes a long time to lace up these shoes, but once you do you won't regret it. Huckleberry Finn is like the super uncomfortable but fashionable stiletto. It is less and less painful to put these shoes on each time you go out but your feet still feel a little terrible and sore from a night out. Not that I would know... (I rarely ever leave my house... why leave when the world of the Internet is right in front of you?) I can't forget Shakespeare now can I? Shakespeare (and even Homer to that extent) is like a fancy high heel (hmm, maybe a kitten heel) a half size too small, at least for me. Kitten heels are supposed to be a casual yet fashionable look, a paradox in itself really. Shakespeare was supposed to be entertainment with a couple morals tucked in. I've never really been a Shakespeare fan so I've never enjoyed any of his "humor" and thus to me, his works are like kitten heels half a size too small: supposed to be comfortable, but not. Bernard Shaw (Pygmalion among other works) is much more recent compared to Shakespeare and so his works fit much more like a Steve Madden wedge. Steve Madden shoes are pretty but they're not uncomfortable either. You can definitely last the night in these shoes! Bernard Shaw uses a ton of words that are tested on the SAT because they were part of his era, but it's not too bad for you be squirmy while reading. When you look at that Steve Madden wedge from the store window, it looks super intimidating. However, it's not once you try it on for size.  Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe would be that awful shoe somewhere deep, deep in the shoe cabinet that your mother wanted you to wear to a cousin's wedding. You didn't want to wear it and you had the most terrible feeling while wearing it. Once the wedding is over, you'll never see this shoe again. I'm sorry for all of you Marlowe fans. Hawthorne is like a combat boot too heavy for my feet. It's supposed to be stylish but on my feet, they look painful and very, very gauche. Needless to say, I really like shoes, and books, and the combination of both.

I also heard the most amazing calculus joke in math class a couple days ago so I decided that I must share it here. 

There's a big calculus party, and all the functions are invited. ln(x) is talking to some trig functions, when he sees his friend ex sulking in a corner. ln(x): "What's wrong ex?"ex: "I'm so lonely!" ln(x): "Well, you should go integrate yourself into the crowd!" ex looks up and cries, "It won't make a difference!"

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