Friday, January 25, 2013

Language Barriers
Hello! Today I had the honor of meeting some students from Ecuador and Nicaragua. I've taken Spanish for a very long time but there have seldom been times where I actually spoke to a native Spanish speaker. We were placed in groups of four to five people and one native Ecuadorian or Nicaraguan would talk to us. It was really exciting to talk to them even with that language barrier. It was frustrating because I wanted to ask so many things but didn't know how to phrase them in Spanish. There were awkward gaps when my group ran out of questions.
Maybe after the age of four or five, I've never faced the challenge of a serious language barrier. When I was three I absolutely hated the English language and everything to do with English. I was fortunate enough to have parents who cared about my ability to speak Korean and I've never really had that much trouble communicating what I mean over seas. Especially now, there is no language barrier. I felt encouraged to continue learning Spanish and trying to improve my Spanish.
Language barriers are awful! I hate them. I wish we had a universal language because everyone has a story worth sharing and it'd be so cool for the whole world to be able to understand. English is sort of becoming a universal language. Even though I do live in America, I think English is a good choice as of now because so many other countries are actively learning it. If we were to switch to Spanish for example, Asian countries would all have to start at level 0. If we were to switch to Chinese, people of all continents besides Asia would have to start at level 0. I don't know how the world will change but English is a good choice for the present. My friend wants to become a translator and I think that's a very cool job to pursue. She'd be linking the whole wide world together. Most jobs are useful but people refuse to see them in positive light. Everyone needs a little bit of positivity.
One of my friends also found my blog... haha. I don't know what to think about this. She may be reading.


  1. Okay...I just saw that video you mentioned in your last post and it was hilarious. I loved it!
    Thanks so much for the link.
    And about language barriers,I wouldn't worry too much about this issue...English is now known and understood almost everywhere.Globalisation helps!
    Even people who haven't studied English can at least understand a basic bit of English these days.
    Yeah and a translator job would be extremely cool...and fun and fulfilling as well!Good for your friend!:)

  2. I love Wong Fu Productions!!! Their videos are so awesome.
    Globalization does help :) It's cool to think that one day, perhaps, we'll all be speaking the same language!
    I think it is a very cool job. Her parents don't seem to agree but hopefully they'll come around.
    Thanks for reading!