Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Blog Giveaway?

Hello! Thank you for joining me tonight. I did go out to a fancy restaurant as a treat from my parents. It was a fancy Italian restaurant and there's a line there all the time. On the 22nd, we tried to eat there but we were 8 minutes too late. I was a really happy camper sitting in that cramped space. I thought a picture would be really tacky so I refrained from taking out my smartphone and snapping away. Sorry.

I wore a green shift dress (shirt dress. . . I guess) and a pink belt with a ribbon belt buckle. Over it I wore a short pink sweater and a navy blue vest.  I wore pair of black tights because it's winter and it was raining today. I was running out of time and I don't have a lot of coats/jackets, unfortunately. Vests are sort of my go to outerwear this winter. I grabbed a sparkly pink Coach clutch and slipped my phone in it and I was out. My rain boots are pink with green leopard print from Korea and I love them. They were such a good buy. I wear them whenever I can, even if it's not raining that much. This was probably one of the most exciting things that I did this break and felt the need to share my outfit. Hopefully you can imagine this! Words are powerful. I would've taken a picture but I'm not a fashion blogger. Fashion bloggers need two things: great clothes and even prettier backgrounds. I don't have the patience for all those photos! I have great respect for those who do.

Fashion isn't all about clothes. It's about finding clothes that fit you and look good on you. Of course a little inspiration from friends, models, and celebrities doesn't hurt but making your own style is a personal thing. It also helps if you're dating/crushing on someone. Haha. When you want to impress someone, you naturally try to fix your appearance up. Maybe you take that extra ten minutes to straighten your hair or pick out a nice outfit before you sleep. There's couple people at my church whose fashion dramatically changed for the better after they started dating (both guys and girls). And then there's D (full name not included). He's the casual type of guy: hoodie, jeans, and Vans. Lately, he's been talking to the drummer of the praise team (D is the guitarist) and the drummer has a preppy fashion after he started dating someone (preppy as in jeans, Sperry's, guy cardigans, sweaters over collared shirts, etc). D has been trying to copy this guy's fashion every week but it just doesn't work and he comes off as a copycat. Fashion is all about matching things to your body and image. D is just not a preppy kind of guy and sweaters, cardigans, and polo shirts just don't match with him. It's important to figure out what kind of clothes fit your personality.

I had a weird dream, third night in a row. I won't be discussing the previous dreams. This dream was a lot more normal on my scale of dreams. Ready? My dreams never have clear transitions either. I'm suddenly in another place so I'm sorry if that confuses you. It confuses me.

So it started out in a classroom. It was the day after a big test and we were just going over the questions and such. There was a question everyone missed and the teacher was trying to convince us that she was right and we were all wrong. 

Skip to: another building and another classroom. It's a kid's room and I'm watching the kids on a Saturday for Korean school. There's one of those colorful ready to assemble playgrounds in the middle and a small table and little chairs (child size). There are a lot of kids but none that I distinctly remember or even know. I'm helping out and suddenly there's some sort of emergency. The other teachers gathers the kids and they all hide somewhere. I'm left to find my own hiding place.

Skip to: a movie theater, well some sort of movie theater. It's not a real movie theater but rather a large screen with the movie theater chairs. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was in a movie theater that was in this same building. I stumbled in late. These people are all a part of the Korean school. There are maybe ten or fifteen people watching this movie. I have no idea what this movie is but find a seat in the very front row. I'm sitting next to a guy who I don't know. The guy I used to like in freshman year is sitting behind me. But I don't think we acknowledge each other that much. I do remember trying to intentionally make him slightly jealous by talking to the guy I'm sitting next to. I don't know if it worked or not. This new guy is really friendly and sort of hits on me, haha. He explains the movie to me. It's an action movie almost like Mission Impossible 3. He tells me the title and suddenly I know what the movie is about. I told the guy that I searched the movie on Wikipedia. He laughs and tells me that he does that too.

This is where my memory is getting fuzzy. It was happens where I don't remember a middle scene. 
The movie ends and we suddenly transported back to the classroom that I was in earlier. The kids and teacher are gone. I'm talking to the guy I sat next to and not acting like the me in real life. I was bold, flirty, and confident. I'm not any of those three things if I'm talking to someone that I'm slightly interested in. I feel sort of awful at this point in my dream. The guy let it slips that he knows TG and suddenly I'm itching to talk to him more. I asked him to tell me about the plots of the other movies. He agrees and smiles but says that he has to go in a suddenly distracted manner. He runs somewhere and I'm left alone, abandoned. Maybe it served me right. I walk back to the building, I don't know why. I meet my old crush and he tells me that there's some sort of festival today. He seems hurt that I don't know. I agree to go just because he asked me to. Everyone is really busy in preparation for this festival. It's suddenly night time and people are hanging up posters of different restaurants next to the restaurant booth. I wake up. 

I told you my dreams are weird. Haha. People are already looking for the junior prom dress. Sighs! I don't want to start the search now, yet. There's even a Facebook page that pretty much all the junior girls are a part of. Any recommendations? I'm really new to blogging, I still consider myself new. It hasn't been a year yet and until then, I'm new. I'm trying out my first "serious" giveaway. For the best dress recommendation, in the spirit of holiday (I guess the holiday is over.. but whatever), I'll write a ten page story dedicated to you and your plot and character ideas. Good luck? I don't know if I'll get any participation but here goes to nothing

Finals are next week and I really need to study. This means it'll be a two week break from blogging. I hope you'll miss me! Or is that too much to hope for? But in all seriousness, comment below or use that c-box. The c-box has a limited amount of characters but feel free to pop in once in a while, whenever. You can even email me at if you like that option better :) Well good luck and see you in two weeks! Let's set the deadline for end of January. xx

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