Thursday, January 24, 2013

Little Joys

Hello! I've realized that 'hello' is one of my favorite words ever. It's such a small but powerful phrase. This single word is inviting and initiates conversation. That small little word is all it takes to make a new friend or meet a new person. I love Wong Fu productions and I was on Youtube, I found a new video. It explains the power of the word 'hello' in a very entertaining and realistic manner. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Yesterday, a little girl came over with her family for dinner. She's one of my favorite children ever and I even felt the need to give up precious time to play and entertain her. Perhaps, it's because she reminds me so much of what I was like when I was her age. I'm still relatively the same. I've missed playing with dolls and the simple happiness of childhood. Seeing her drawing reminded me of my fourth grade adventures during art class. As time passes, you don't remember the terrible things that happened to you. You only remember fondly at everything that went by. Now I talk about learning English with a laugh but I remember when I was three, I would always cry in frustration. I would read books upside down because in my three year old brain, no one could read upside down and therefore I was normal. 

I bought a Polaroid camera a few years ago for my birthday. I love taking pictures of it and I used to plan out pictures very, very strategically. Polaroid films are costly! But I realized that the best pictures were taken as an experiment, most often accidentally. The happiest moments I can think of are also spontaneous. As much as I love to plan, surprises are that much greater because you had no expectations. I want to celebrate the little joys of life that often go overlooked by busy people. I want to take time to play with children and take time to write. I want to take time to really be there for friends who need to talk. I want to help my stressed out senior friend because she needs me in her life. 

We started working on our term papers in English, which is just a big compilation of your own literary criticism of the author after reading the author's works and other people's literary criticisms. I chose Murakami and I'm super excited. The more I read about him the more I look forward to actually reading one of his works. I chose him because I remember seeing 1Q84 in the bookstore and wanting to read it so bad. I didn't have time and my parents weren't all that enthusiastic about that particular book. So it was skipped over, until now! I just love the fact that he writes about alienated people. That sounds really weird... But he writes how people have a void . His fictional universe parallels the conditions of everyday life, like uncertainty, fear, and confusions, which is called mimesis. This is especially seen when there is no definite line between good or bad; rather a blur of gray area exists. His characters and protagonists struggle with their erasure from society rather than an enemy or weapons or criminals. I'm really excited!

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