Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Joy of Sweaters

Hello everyone! I know I've been really MIA lately and I apologize profusely. I've been stressed and the motivation to write and blog has really decreased. I have been busy balancing school work and Christmas. Haha. I love Christmas so much but it's terrible for concentration and actual work. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the worst for productivity. Christmas is a time to be festive and give and write cards. It's a time to celebrate family and friends and look forward to the new year. Oftentimes, I do need to take a step back and realize how fortunate I am.

I don't want to rub my religion in any one's face so you can skip to the next point if you feel like this will offend you. Even though Christmas has become a materialistic holiday, Jesus was born in a manger, a feeding trough. He is the Son of God but he lowered and humbled himself that much for all the people of the world. The people he died for shunned him and hated him even though he brought such a message of truth and love. Christmas is a time to give and love as He loved us. It's definitely one of the harder things out there to love everyone as your brother or sister but it's a worthy goal to have. I hope you didn't feel offended because that was not the purpose of this.

I also want to send my condolences, especially to those in Connecticut. For those of you who haven't heard, I highly suggest you go to or New York Times or Time Magazine or any news source. There was a terrible tragedy in Connecticut and I don't know what the immediate solution is. I don't understand how someone could be so frustrated with the world and so angry at their parents to do that. They were just children, maybe five or six. A parent should not have to bury their children. I hope these terrible tragedies are not ignored and I hope that gun laws can be amended because lately there have been too many terrible tragedies. I lived in Colorado for over 10 years and the shooting that occurred this summer at the midnight premiere of the Dark Knight Rises was at a theater that I used to go to frequently. I remember when I was in 6th grade and I wanted to watch a movie with one of my friends. We wanted to watch it by ourselves to show our independence and maturity. Both our mothers said no because theaters were dangerous places. We both rolled our eyes at them at the time stating that they had too much concern about something that would never happen. Five years later that same things that our mothers warned us about happened. I knew people in those theaters that night and it just pains me and breaks my heart that someone could walk into a theater and do that. We as America need to take a step towards fixing this because it's not something that will go away.

Anyways. . . I just need to get that out there.

I've also been really obsessed with sweaters. I absolutely love that sweaters can be so versatile. I know I've talked about my personal style somewhat but now I have some way to describe it: stylistic comfort. Sometimes I put effort into what I wear. . . but most of the time I'm drawn to things that are simple to pair but still pretty. I am not a morning person and I never have the energy or time to pick my outfits carefully before I sleep. Sweaters are the epitome of my style currently.There are so many awesome ways to wear them. I know I usually don't do "fashion posts" but sweaters need to be talked about. They are not considered the most fashionable pieces of clothing ever and I have no idea why. Sweaters are what I thrive on during winter.

1. The casual, preppy look
A larger sweater and a plaid top look great, period. I love folding the cuff of the plaid shirt over the sweater. It creates a really unified feel. You can wear "fancier" blouses under sweaters to give it a preppy feel as well. It's definitely inspired by those classic private school uniforms in almost every movie about . . . private schools. You can also wear shirts with a great Peter Pan collar (shown in picture)
This type of outfit goes great with a simple pair of blue jeans and any shoes (oxfords, UGG boots, Toms, even sandals but sandals are a bit cold for winter).
You can wear it almost anywhere: the mall, school, the beach, etc. You'd probably refrain from wearing this to formal events.

Aren't these looks adorable?
Check out this tumblr: and (the sweater in red is also from that website)

2. Sweater with dresses/skirts
Haha. The name says it all. This works best with smaller sweaters, but the term small can be used loosely. Dresses with a great collar work best. This look works with dresses that flare out (as shown in the picture) or bodycon dresses. You can wear a sweater over a skirt but oftentimes it's hard to find just the right match.
If you have a thinner sweater and a nice skirt, it's equally cute to wear the sweater tucked in the skirt.
If you pair this with a simple pair of tights you're ready to go. This look goes best with Oxfords or short boots. You can wear this look essentially anywhere! It's a great fall to winter outfit.

3. Casual Comfort Look
For this look you need a really long sweater, preferably one that covers your butt. Just pair it with some leggings (plain or patterned, it's up to you). It's not hard to transform the super comfortable look into a more fashionable look. So you can go from hanging out at your friend's house to shopping and dinner.
Like the picture, if your sweater is a tad bit short you can add a bodycon skirt or a pair of shorts. I know wearing bodycon stuff is sometimes awkward but in this situation, they are perfect. If you do wear shorts/bodycon skirt you should wear tights instead of leggings.
If you add some jewelry as pointers and wear nice boots/Oxfords. It looks trendy!

4. Just sweaters
Of course simply wearing a sweater is fine too! I love sweaters because they're warm, stylish, and comfortable. You can add a nice necklace or a scarf as a pointer. I love scarves too. Scarves and sweaters are best friends.

You may be overwhelmed if you've never been sweater shopping. I would suggest trying things on because sometimes clothes don't fit your particular body shape and might look awkward. I love online shopping but often the clothes that look SO cute online don't look good in person. Before buying the sweater, close your eyes for a minute and think about the other clothes in your wardrobe. I've bought a lot of clothes that are cute alone but impossible to pair. They are shoved in the corners of my drawers and never worn. Think about where you wear that piece of clothing too. I found a gorgeous lace dress but realized that I'd never ever wear it anywhere.

I hope that gave you some inspiration for your own sweater wearing endeavors. I love looking at the looks on any store site. Professional people put together clothing combinations that look great together. Even if you don't own that specific skirt or sweater, you can always experiment with what you do have.   Being fashionable doesn't always mean having tons and tons of clothes. It means being able to combine them into something that works cohesively. It's important to try things out because sometimes the craziest combos look the best.
If you don't own any sweaters, I would highly recommend investing in some. Shopping is all about buying little bits and pieces. One great way to shop is to think about the clothes you already do have and working off that. It's hard to completely rebuild your wardrobe.
Some basics for the winter would be: a plaid shirt (or a chambray shirt, or a blouse, etc), a couple sweaters (try to get different types, a fit sweater, a larger sweater, a cable knit sweater, etc), perhaps a dress you can wear a sweater over, jeans (which I presume you have), leggings (also a must have for all season), and boots.

I hope you have a happy holiday. I'm still waiting for my holiday to start. I am also looking for gift ideas! I don't have that much time or that big of a budget so I'm looking for cool handmade stuff that's unique and treasurable. I have these adorable keychains that someone made for fundraising in the summer and they would be perfect, except I can't make them. . . I'm not all that artsy either and I have limited time to go to craft stores. Any really simple ideas that have worked for you would be appreciated and awesome. I've looked through websites but there haven't been that many that I like and can do. So please! Suggestions!
I don't know how tempting it is but best suggestion will earn a guest blog post/blog feature! That's right! I'll write about you OR you can write something and feature it on my blog! So comment below with any suggestions. I really need some help.

And that Friday question thing where I asked you a question didn't work out so I'm not sure if I'll continue that haha. I know this has been a pretty long post but I wanted to make up for my absence. Farewell! xx

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