Monday, December 3, 2012

Let's Learn Vocabulary

Hi. Hello. Welcome! Mondays usually mean Monday Memoirs but I just don't have the time or inspiration today to write, even just a small snippet. So instead, in the spirit of studying vocabulary, I decided to write a story based on the words from my vocabulary book. Inspiration can come from anywhere and as of now I feel enlightened by these words. This week's words are about wrongdoing and justice. For those of you who enjoy Monday Memoirs, don't worry because they will be back. I've just taken a short hiatus. This is basically a Monday Memoir just with a lot more words. For those of you wondering where Coffee Shop is, that too will eventually be posted.

Abscond. Bilk. Clemency. Contrite. Impute. Iniquity. Redress. Reprehensible. Restitution. Vindicate.

Victoria Mason looked outside the window. It was barely morning and she dearly missed her sleep. She had woken up three times past midnight but now, at six in the morning, rain was pouring down. Victoria hesitantly pulled the covers off and reached for her hair tie. It was an odd habit of hers. She turned on the light and stared at the clock. Damn. She was two minutes late. Victoria whirred into action like some mechanical robot that had received an automated signal. Wake up. Wake up. She threw her soft flannel pajamas off and on came the funeral garb of a suit that she was required to wear everyday.

"Good day, George," she yelled kissing his cheek softly and beamed up at him when she saw he had already prepared her coffee mug to go. She glanced momentarily at the extra plate on the right side of the table. His plate was littered with toast crumbs. Victoria wondered why he even bothered setting her plate and cup when she never had time. She never had time for anything. Victoria raced up the stairs and brushed her teeth. She threw her make up pouch and into her already crammed purse. Victoria slipped on her heels and felt her feet cursing at her. Nadia was in the car, honking. She closed the door behind her. Where was her umbrella? Victoria saw Nadia pull a face and she sighed. There was no time to look for her umbrella in a bag full of everything from chapstick to bug spray even a pack of playing cards. She held her breath and ran in the pouring ran to the small, old car. It reeked of coffee and cats. Nadia had spilt coffee once in the front seat and it had never been cleaned.

"You're late," Nadia said turning on the radio and stepping on the gas pedal. Victoria was always late. It was a reprehensible characteristic. George was just the opposite of her. He was always two minutes early and had time to sit down and eat breakfast. No one knew exactly how Victoria had landed George and everyone in her family gave her weird stares every time he said he was so in love with her. Her brothers even accused her of paying him to stay with her. She knew it was just playful teasing but she always had a horrible feeling her stomach. Neither of them were married or dating anybody. However, it wasn't only George they would push her buttons with. Her whole family questioned her Brown University credential, even when they saw the acceptance letter, and even her job as a successful lawyer. George would reassuringly put his arm around her shoulder and then everything would be okay, even family reunions.

They had met accidentally. Three years ago, she had taken a case defending someone who was imputed with the crime of killing their own child. It was one of her first serious cases. She was late, as usual, and was standing outside the forensics building. Her whole team had already taken care of the DNA testing results but hadn't bothered to tell her. There was an accounting firm next to the forensics building, where George worked. He didn't have that bookish feel of an accountant at all. He was leaving for his lunch break when he saw her. She mistook him for one of forensics people and demanded he give her the results. He had no idea what she was talking about and later, over lunch, everything was sorted. As a form of restitution, Victoria bought him lunch the next week because she was still apologetic about her mishap. They started to date and one thing led to another. She moved in with him after their two year anniversary. She still wondered when he was going to propose.

"Yeah, sorry," Victoria said sheepishly. Nadia glared at her. Victoria was contrite that she hadn't left earlier. She reached into her purse and started applying her make up.

"Could you not do that?" Nadia asked while smearing lipstick on her own mouth. Nadia was in charge of the carpool program because she was passionate about environmental change. Unfortunately there was only one person signed up for the program and the motive wasn't for saving trees or conserving gas. The twenty minute car ride was silent. Victoria shuffled her bag around searching for the umbrella. She finally found it and was prepared to leave the minute the car was parked. Nadia glared at her but said nothing of it.

"Thanks for the ride," Victoria said when the car came to a stop. She smiled as if this would redress all the hatred that Nadia felt for her.

"Sorry I'm late," Victoria said frantically as she walked into the law firm. Ellie Smith, partner of the firm, chuckled and they started to walk towards the bathroom.

"You aren't late," Ellie said glancing down at her watch. Ellie was a vibrant red head who had a bit of a temper. She was the closest thing to a friend that Victoria had at the firm. Ellie had made partner a year before Victoria set foot on the firm. To Ellie, Victoria was a bit of a charity case. No one knew exactly how she made it into the firm in the first place.

Victoria smiled before untying her hair. She brushed the long hazel hair before tying up it up in a bun, a professional bun.

"Your clothes are wet," Ellie said heaving a sigh. There was always one thing wrong about her appearance. The one time she wasn't late, she came in wet from the rain. Victoria shrugged before applying a fresh coat of lipstick and mascara. They left the bathroom three minutes later.

"Congrats," someone said passing her by. Victoria fiddled her frown into a half smile. What?

"Oh, I forgot. You left early yesterday. The jury made its decision. That company, what was it called again? Well anyways, the company was charged with bilking that other company's funds. It was a complex embezzlement scheme, Victoria." Victoria almost glared at Ellie. It was obvious that Ellie knew the names of the companies involved. She read The Economist and Wall Street Journal every single day. How could she not know? Here was yet another person frowning upon Victoria's limited successes.

"That doesn't explain Spencer Gamson who was found absconding the scene," Victoria said. Something didn't feel right here. "He was dead set to vindicate his name. Did the court grant him clemency?"

"Obviously not. Spencer Gamson was in charge of Axon and the embezzlement scheme. That's the name right? Looks like it suddenly popped in to my mind. His iniquity wouldn't be forgiven. Congrats! You solved it." Victoria didn't know why there was such a sour taste in her mouth when she had won the case.

"Okay, thanks, I'll see you later." Victoria walked to her office and drank a sip of coffee. None of this was making sense. She tried to congratulate herself but realized that this case was long from over. She was determined to prove that she could solve the real mystery.

Well, I hope that's left you with something to think about. I hope you enjoyed it. xx

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