Friday, December 21, 2012

Q&A: World Traveler Edition

Hello everyone! It's officially winter break here! It's kind of daunting seeing all the work that I need to do during this time. There are only four days before Christmas and the world did not end today. I know I skipped a week but it's increasingly difficult to find questions that I haven't already answered about myself. If you have any questions you want answered, comment below! I'd be happy to answer any reasonable questions! 
PS: I have no idea how to get the font like the post I made for Coffee Shop. I really want to know though.

Q1. Best thing about Christmas?

A1. The lovely atmosphere of course! I love the holiday spirit that's found almost everywhere. For a Christmas present, my parents and I are going on a family outing out to San Francisco in Union Square to see the giant Christmas tree and have dinner! I'm really looking forward to it. Another one of my favorite things is to spend time with friends and family while watching Christmas movies and sharing good food. 

Q2. Favorite way to decorate the Christmas tree?

A2. Hmm.... I like the simplistic & slightly minimalistic way! I like the classic white lights and traditional decorations. That all sounds so very vague. Putting up the Christmas tree is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. 

Q3. Have you ever thought about vlogging?

A3. Yes but it's not going to happen. I'm so awkward on camera . . . 

Q4. What do you want for Christmas?

A4. You know, I really don't know. I have almost everything right now that I could possibly want. I'm so grateful right now and it doesn't seem right to ignore everything that I do have. Hmm, but I do want maybe a card or a hug, possibly both from the same person. 

Q5. Did you do anything daring this week?

A5. YES! I braved the rain today!!! So I didn't check the weather today and it started to rain pretty hard. I hate getting wet . . . and feeling cold. My house is across one street but getting there is tough. There's this guy that lives next to me who had an umbrella so I was wondering when he was going home and where exactly he was. He was nowhere in sight and so when the rain let up a little bit, I ran for it. TG also had an umbrella and sometimes walks the same way as me but today I was not lucky. 

Q6. Favorite phone on the market?

A6. GALAXY NOTE II! I want. Too bad my phone contract doesn't end until next year. 

Q7. Favorite childhood shows?

A7. Sailor Moon! I remember the time I was sick and my mom rented a DVD of Sailor Moon and I decided to do my homework (in second grade, homework was a joke) when it finished. After watching about 3+ hours, it was "homework" time. I used to watch a lot of Disney Channel & Nickelodeon shows, like Weekenders, Hey Doug, Jake Long: American Dragon, Lilo & Stich, etc. My friend and I were super into Pokemon and used to play the Nintendo games together all the time. I gave my DS away a year ago and the girl looked at me with disbelief as she looked at all the Pokemon games I had. I don't think she's even touched it yet, thank God. I had a Jirachi and a Mew! She somehow managed to wipe out my 2 years' investment in Animal Crossing... I wish I had my DS right now. 

Anyways, I know a lot of people are traveling during this time of year. I always have a hard time packing so I wanted to share some tips about packing!! There's a lot of different types of trips: camping, short trips (sleepovers, 3 day trips, etc), long trips (international and relatives/friends in other states for the US), day trips, etc. I'm going to talk about camping, short trips, and long trips. I don't think that many people pack for day trips. I used to bring everything with me, from gaudy pants that I never wore to shirts I hadn't wore since the year before. I always reasoned that I might NEED it and I'd be so uncomfortable with it. Well usually, I never wear half the stuff I bring and it's such a waste of space and not to mention a waste of luggage. If you bring less stuff you can buy more stuff and pack that in. HAHA. 

Camping: There are two types of camping, real and what I did. Real camping is when you sleep in a tent while what I did was sleep in a hotel/cabin near the mountains with some family friends. If you are actually camping, I would suggest packing light and warm. It doesn't matter if you're dressed to the nines if you're cold. Usually my motto is fashion before warmth but not with actual camping. You might be whining that you don't want your crush to see you without makeup and in sweat pants. He's not going to be impressed with anything if you're complaining about being cold while not wearing the appropriate jacket. Packing light would consist of leggings (to wear under sweatpants), sweatpants, maybe a pair of jeans, a lot of thermal/warm longsleeve shirts, and a thick jacket. Pack some underwear and that's pretty much all you need. Make sure to bring warm shoes too. WARM scarves are wonderful too. If you're staying in a hotel/cabin, you can bring a couple more pairs of clothes but not much. I'd include maybe a vest, some warm/fashionable sweaters, pretty scarves, and pajamas. If you're out in the woods, breezy flannel pajamas won't help. 

Sleepovers/Short trips: Plan out your outfits. It sounds weird but actually think about how you'd pair your clothes together. Bring things that you can mix and match. For example if you bring a flannel/plaid shirt, you can wear it with a skirt, jeans, under a sweater, etc.  Know what activities you're going to be doing. It matters! Make sure to always pack at least one long sleeve short and one short sleeve shirt no matter where you're going. The weather could take an unexpected turn and you don't want to be unprepared. This goes with any trip but make sure to include the basic necessities like a cell phone charger or some batteries to a pen and definitely your tooth brush. Bringing a pair of flip flops can always come in handy even if you just leave them in the house/hotel or the car. You never know when hair ties will come in handy either! 

Long trips: For this, you really need to be smart about your fashion choices. Account for the amount of things you want to bring back. I was really stupid during the summer and thought that I wouldn't bring much back from Korea because I never usually did. I had to leave about half my clothes there. . . oops. Account for the weather there and what activities you'll be doing. Make sure to ask if there will be a washing machine or not. It's a plus to bring a lot of layers for unexpected weather. Bring clothes you like. This may sound obvious but often times we bring a lot of unnecessary stuff. My rule for buying clothes is similar. I have to absolutely love it or I know it'll just hide in the deep, dark corners of my closet. Clothes really differ from country to country too. 

I hope this helped. I don't like packing for long trips, or packing at all really. But I'd give almost anything to be on a trip, even to the woods. My church is having our retreat on January 8th to 10th and it sucks that my school starts on the 7th. I hope you all have a great winter and good luck with all your packing adventures. 

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