Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bookstores: An Escape from Busyness

Over the course of my seventeen years, I have never felt so hipster. I wear patterned pants, buy myself flowers, and dream about owning a collection of records, old books, cacti, and mason jars. I realize how much I stand out from a crowd of my own friends and here’s the weird part-- I actually enjoy it. It’s really been full circle from my freshman years where I would do anything to blend in with any crowd. I was talking to my friend at lunch about clothing trends and these days it seems like you’re either hipster or preppy and I am far into the hipster trend. The hipster trend goes beyond clothing though and in many cases, it’s become a way of life. I am a hipster because to me, it means being an individual and enjoying the small little things. I don’t do things because they’re not mainstream or because it’s a hipster thing. I have an appreciation for Wes Anderson because he pays so much attention to detail and sticks to his own unique type of movie. If hipsterdom had a statement, I believe it would be “you do you.” Hipster culture is an embrace of obscurity and how okay it is to like things that are strange and nonsensical. Things don’t always have to make sense and there is a willingness to stray from a certain path.

In such a busy world, where we are constantly moving but not constantly thinking, I love going to hipster/“artsy” places. I have realized the importance of leaving the house and quitting an addiction to Netflix. There is just so much present and available that is wasted. Besides the touristy people at places like farmer’s market, art museums, and bookstores, there is always a stream of people talking, appreciating, and not distracted. As much as I love technology, it’s made our culture absentminded. I can no longer stand the awkwardness of being alone. Skimming Facebook or Twitter is the perfect solution and somehow we’ve accepted a person on their phone by themselves as social. Bookstores remain one of my favorite places because people are off their phones, willing to have a discussion with a stranger or enjoying a book that represents who they are. You are free to be whoever you want in a bookstore and no one will judge you. I never feel like any time passes because I’m so lost in the world that I’m presently in. Bookstores have always created a cozy little environment shaded away from the reality of the present.

I’m not sure why we’re busier now as a culture than ever before. In some cases, I overplay my own busyness because it’s not acceptable to be idyll. In art museums or little ramen shops, it’s okay to not be doing something productive. It’s okay to be having a simple conversation or looking at the beauitful thinks from past to present.

I want to do something meaningful with the rest of my summer so hopefully art class and Mandarin class will inspire me. I think I’ll post short travel diaries of my day to day life and I will try to take some photos. xx

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