Sunday, June 22, 2014

Retro Rad Faves

I love this city. I love my friends. I love hydrangeas. 
From a single photo, can you tell which one is me? I have come to accept and feel invigorated by being an individual. From printed pants to a spontaneous purchase of beautiful hydrangeas, I am one of a kind and it is not a bad thing. So in this blog post, I've decided to write a little "how to" on being retro-rad, as I so often brand myself.

Sidenote: This week has been magical, truly fantastic. It's been one of the most social and fun weeks that I've ever led in my four years of high school. I haven't had the time or energy to sit down and write a thoughtful post, which I hope can change very soon. I'm leaving for Korea on July 2nd, so we all know about the spotty internet connection. I hope to reign the inner shopaholic and throw all my energy into art and Mandarin, an odd combo I know. I think this blog will function best under short little travel diaries instead of the traditional schedule that I'm soooo good at following. Thanks for your patience xx

I don't know how to do a tutorial on how to be an individual so instead, I'm going to highlight some of the things that I've fallen in love with in this past week.

Wes Anderson is truly my favorite. He is the hero of hipster culture everywhere. I don't know where to begin with his greatness. He is a movie producer/director that has always lived by his own vision. His first goal in making a movie is not to make money but to display art across a screen. He is wildly talented but chooses to make small, independent movies that people don't normally know about. All of his movies are so beautiful and meticulous. Every single detail looks purposeful. Each has a bizarre plot that only works in the Wes Anderson world. In his personal style, he is no different. He embodies individuality and charm through his fashion and quirky preferences. Like me, he is stuck in the past. He enjoys novelties such as typewriters and record players. The world he creates is so absurd and whimsical. It's both obscure and delightful. I appreciate the fact that he is able to be himself in every single way. I hope that when I get a job, I find something that I truly enjoy doing. I want to do something that represents every single facet of my personality and skills. 

I, like any good hipster, enjoy buying things. Here is a little snapshot of some things that have captured my attention.
-Kate Spade black bag: who knew I would ever buy a black bag? It's so fierce.
-printed pants: I am now a proud owner of 2 pairs of awesome printed pants
-flowers: always buy yourself flowers. who needs men in a world where women are fully capable of buying themselves flowers?
-cute little headband/bandana thing
-pineapple printed merchandise
-cat paintings
-books: you can never have too many books

I have a lot of strange interests that are uniquely mine but can be respected by other people. I love cacti, baking, pretty things, and flowers. I love aimlessly walking through buildings without a set purpose. I enjoy mason jars, cookware, and cats. Record players, cassette tapes, and typewriters are all my jam. You just have to be willing to smile while standing out. Stay tuned soon for more retro-rad finds. 

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