Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reflection on Mona Lisa Smile

6/17: delightful day in Berkeley 
Summer break has been the most joyful time of my life so far. Every day is a fun hang out with someone (usually J and M) and I'm able to shop, eat delicious food, and watch movies. While I'm on the verge of bankruptcy, I'm enjoying the last time I'll ever have a break like this. 

I watched Mona Lisa Smile yesterday and it's a movie about Wellesley and women's education. It's set in the 50s and a couple scenes even made me cry knowing that at one point, women were so repressed that their only purpose was marriage. 

The main character, played by Julia Roberts, Miss Watson decides to teach art history at Wellesley because she wants to be inspired by tomorrow's leaders. Instead she finds that most women end their successful college careers with a marriage instead of a career in law school. Maybe we look at this movie today and be proud at the progress women have made since then. Now Wellesley sends more students than any other school to Harvard Business School. We can't stop here at this immense progress. Progress happens when people question the state of things now. Change happens when just one person watches a movie and asks "why aren't there any smart women protagonists?" I have a hard time with stay at home moms. I know motherhood is a very important job! I know that motherhood is consuming. I can't even take care of a baby squirrel for two days. I know. I also think that women have a lot to contribute everywhere from the political arena to schools to the fashion industry to publishing to business, everything. Maybe it's a personal struggle. I want to be there for my kids but I would never be able to sacrifice my livelihood for them (maybe this changes when you get older). I want my kids to see me as a strong female leader who is doing things with her life. 

This movie made me that much more excited for Smith and everything about these next 4 years. 

Today I went to Berkeley with some friends and I had the most amazing day! I don't need a guy to do fun things and why not squeal about cute coffee shops and the most retro rad shorts you've ever seen with someone who would care. I'm not saying I'm done being a romantic but maybe I can learn to compromise. 

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