Saturday, June 14, 2014

What's Up? I Graduated!

Hi everyone!! Sorry I've been so MIA recently. Life has finally calmed down but a lot has changed in these past six days. For one thing, I'm no longer a high school student. It doesn't feel real yet that I won't ever be returning to those salmon colored walls or complaining about teachers or whatnot. I've had a wonderful four years and I couldn't have asked for anything better. However, if anyone asked me to stay in high school for another month, I would be exasperated. I'm ready to move on to a new stage in life.

Yes. That is a cat. No, the Smith mascot is
not a cat. I just really like cats...

As a graduated senior, I just have a few pieces of advice for anyone, freshmen, upperclassmen, fellow seniors, middle schoolers, anyone.
(I have A LOT more photos but my dad is being a lazy butt, I'll make a collage later. peace) 

You do you
It's one of those phrases I naturally picked up around senior. Yes, it's cliche and yes we've all heard it. It's probably the most important thing I learned through these four years. High school, especially junior year, was so great because I was able to find comfort in being myself. I went in to high school as a rather self conscious and shy girl. I could be loud but new people intimidated me and I wanted to be in the awkward corner by myself. It wasn't really until junior year that I became totally comfortable with who I was and doing whatever made me happy. You will find people who enjoy your company if you are genuine and true to yourself. There has been so much literature about this topic and it's something we must always remember in daily life. I'm so fortunate to be able to talk about my love for cacti or the paradox of bowling shoes, decorate a cat on my graduation cap just because, and embody my love for retro rad in everything that I do. 

Five college friends! 
Join clubs 
This goes along with you do you. High school was so great for me because I could partake in so many of the things that I loved. You get tired really fast if you only put 110% in academic work. After having such a low point sophomore year, I rebounded by putting myself out there and doing things that made me happy. Sure taking calculus as a sophomore looks great on a transcript, but that wasn't something that I enjoyed doing. When I started writing for the local newspaper and doing radio, I found it so much more fulfilling. That energy for clubs and other non-school work related things continued junior year, the epitome of a great high school year. I loved loved loved being part of my high school newspaper and the public speaking family. It's really important to find your interests and join them, whether that be track, a writing club, or yearbook. 

I don't have many regrets of high school but one thing I do regret is not exploring enough. Fourth quarter of senior year is really when my social life started. San Francisco is a beautiful city and I wish I had had the opportunity to visit more and take in the culture. It's a shame that I started liking museums and other cultural events starting junior year. I became a full on hipster since then and I have no regrets and no plans to turn back. There are so many wonderful places to visit anywhere and taking advantage of that is something I can't stress enough. 

These are some of my newspaper friends :) 
I haven't told many people the story of sophomore year but I feel like it's an important story for everyone to hear. A lot of people have misconceptions of my academic performance. I did take many honors and AP classes but the thing I will take away from high school is my tenacity to get myself out of the hole. Calculus was a terrifying experience for me and one that I learned greatly from. After getting a terrible grade first semester, I almost thought college wasn't an option anymore and that I had to find different dreams to pursue. It was a dark winter and I didn't want to wake up and face the next day. I didn't do anything drastic but I poured all of that self loathing and anger into things that I wanted to. Even though I could've stopped and gave up on everything, I worked even harder that next semester and continuously throughout. It's never the end and there is always another chance to prove yourself again. It hurts me to see other friends suffering from the same problems that I had. I just want to encourage everyone to work hard because nothing is impossible if you work endlessly. 

Life, not fantasy

College rejection hurts, a lot. It feels like your life is kind of at a dead end because some prestigious institution doesn't want you. At one point, college admission becomes kind of arbitrary as I hope I've made clear in a lot of college posts. Self worth does not come from gaining an acceptance letters, it comes from inside. I was crushed when I didn't get into the New York school of my dreams but I realized that paths open up and that now I am going to the one place where I meant to be. Life works out in the end, and enjoy the ride. Let failure be a lesson not some death sentence. The pain of sadness makes the sweetness of happiness that much greater. 
She is one of the greatest people I met in high school.

Love can hurt
I never really thought that I would have a boyfriend in high school. If you've followed my blog for any amount of time, you have probably at least skimmed over a rant about S. Our relationship was both great and rocky because it was the first time either of us had made such a serious commitment. Relationships aren't just about going places with someone to call your boyfriend, as I had thought freshman year. Just be ready for the huge responsibility of sharing your life with someone. I wish I could've ended on better terms S but I realize that he's not really worth my time. 
We were backwards cap
friends. She's a friend from

Reach out for help
At times we think we can do everything on our own but that's such a lie. We need friends and teachers and parents/guardians etc that can stay by with us. During high school, I truly made some of the greatest friends that have been there for me through everything. H (the girl in the picture) is truly someone special to me. We were together through fate by our last names (together we're Ha and Ya) and she's been such a great confidante and advice giver. I probably would've never decorated my cap with a cat without her encouragement. Throughout everything I did, whether that be class, mock trial, public speaking, newspaper, I'm going to remember the people more. 

Be Thankful
I will always be thankful for these four years and the opportunities I was able to have. High school has ended and I'm grateful for being able to have that chapter in my life. I will always strive to be my best self and find the things that light my soul on fire. High school has been very rewarding and a truly awesome 4 years full of suffering, pain, joy, and happy days. Thank you for following me thus far and I can't wait to share my next 4 years with you! WOOOOOOO 2014! 


  1. Congratulations on your graduation! It's such a big achievement! And thank you for sharing the lessons you've learned too. :) Have a wonderful summer!

    1. Ah thank you!! I'm so glad that someone could glean a couple things from what I've learned!

  2. I just started reading your blog and I think that your'e really sweet and pretty. Have a good summer!!

    1. Thank you very much!! I'm glad that you stumbled across my blog!