Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shakespeare, Hot Chocolate, and Fall

It's a really wonderful study environment. :) 
Hi guys :) I don't know what to say in full posts so I think I'm just going to upload snippets of my life.. sort of like a tumblr... are you guys okay with that? I would love for some opinions. It's that time of year again for all the sweaters! I dislike wearing long pants but little can be done. I've been developing a terrible habit of oversleeping which is really bad... Fall is hereeee (at least where I live). School is uber stressful but hot chocolate is getting me through the month! I'm actually having a lot of fun with poetry and Shakespeare... which is a bit surprising. To add to that random jumble of facts, I have such a nice, wonderful, and awesome boyfriend :) lols because I didn't want to punch in 213291739712 numbers into my calculator for stat, he did it for me :D I'm sleeping early tonight! Yays, first time in 3 weeks? :D

Plus since it's the Shakespeare unit (we've just started Hamlet) and I wrote my very first sonnet :) I thought that I'd share! It's quite difficult yet fun to create 14 lines with a certain rhyme scheme. I don't know how to do iambic pentameter so I dunno what the rhythm is. All the lines are 10 syllables too (except the last one because I messed up...) yay enjoy :)

Wondrous vibes come from the city at night
tall skyscrapers and the wide ocean view
warmth exudes from milling crowds and bright lights
the aroma of street food and sweets draws you
Open the door to find treasures everywhere
silk dresses, emerald rings, ruby slippers
bags of every color and shape so fair
eye shadows and lipsticks, a soft whisper
Enveloped in eyelet lace with gauzy texture
Kate spade, red scarves, perfume it's all a blur
The mirror reflects a dazzling stranger
wanting to be the girl in the mirror
The experience alone satisfies
empty handed but happy, I tell the city good bye


  1. I wish I could have a peaceful sleep. Love small short posts. In fact I am thinking to do some like that. After september. Haha. :) I LOVE EM. do it :)

    ps is that a staedtler pen? I love pens. I have all of em. :)

  2. Short posts seem to be the only thing I'm capable of :)
    Yeah, I'm going to start doing regular posts and stories once the college app season is over...

    YES! I love these penssssss. So awesomee :D I bought a 10 color set :D