Sunday, September 15, 2013

Makeup Swap with Muddy Panda!

All this beautiful stuff!! D (smo) from gave me a whole box of face masks. I used them really really quickly because they were awesome and it feels weird taking a pic of an almost empty box..
This post is really belated and I'm sorry about that!! But better late than never right? I was a bit hesitant about this trade because I don't really wear much makeup. I've been waking up at 7:40am (school starts at 8..) so I haven't had much time at all to do anything related to my face and cosmetics. I've never really had that much interest in makeup so there's also that.

lols you can see my shadow.. sorry Why did I leave this pink little case in the pic? Well that's what I carry a couple products in when I am out of the house. 
This is what I normally put on for my daily school life. For formal events (senior portraits, homecoming, definitely prom..), the makeup products I apply at least double. My morning routine consists of BB cream (I did use Hanskin up until the swap with D), some powder (Benefittt!!), concealer (on bad days, this is just from Target I think. I'm looking for better ones..), and lipstick. I love this lipstick so much from Dior. It's not really a lipstick because it's purpose is to bring out your natural lip color instead of giving you hues of red or pink. It feels more like a chapstick than a lipstick which is a plus. I could never do lipgloss because it felt sticky and icky (lols..). The Dior lipstick gives your lips some shine without feeling heavy. It's a quick and easy enhancer. Makeup should definitely be about enhancing what you have instead of creating something unfamiliar. I'm also looking for a mascara. I tired Mac for a while but my lashes felt really heavy and clumped. Most of the time, I'm way too tired/lazy to properly apply mascara/eyeliner.

On to reviews :) [sorry I don't have individual photos]

The Face masks: They were from My Beauty Diary and so amazing! They didn't feel that sticky on your face and even smelled like peaches! I've been using these for about a month (there were 20 of them and I use about 2 or so hehe per week) and my skin has been a lot better! I use face masks as a substitute for ice packs a lot. When my face is hot and I feel kind of crummy while studying, I just plop one on my face. These masks especially were really good at keeping cool for long periods of time. They also had plastic sheets separate from the mask that made it easier to take the mask out of the bag. I'm not a scientist or someone really invested in makeup so I can't tell you the more specific effects other than the fact that it made my skin feel nice and I would definitely buy these again. You can never have too many face masks.

Strawberry lotion: The big round red strawberry container holds amazing lotion!!! It smells so good and is not sticky on your skin. One problem I face a lot with lotion is that it feels like it's clogging your skin cells.. Only problem: there's not enough!!!

Hair gel: Honestly I haven't used this all too much yet because I have pretty short hair and rarely tie it up. When I do tie up my hair, it's not for fashion but rather to get out of the house looking decent. I've perfected the "roll out of bed" look. It smells really good (as do all the products) and it's holds my hair in curled position for a long time. This is supposed to be used to smooth out your hair when tied but I use it to hold my curls in place for important occasions. (I have weird hair and over the summer I always get it permed so I need some sort of gel to accentuate the curls. This works pretty well for those purposes!

Strawberry chapstick: This stuff smells glorious and does what chapstick should do! It's easy to carry around and smells a whole lot better than the Honeydew Eos one I bought a couple months ago.

BB Cream: This is my favorite product! I use this every single day (unless I wake up super late...) and I love it. The skin tone is perfect for me (I think this is shade 2?) and it melts into my skin (that was a weird description). I don't have to rub it all that much to make it blend with my skin. It makes my skin feel really silky and light (I told you I have no idea what I'm doing with makeup) and smooth. During the summer (or hot days), I blend this stuff with sun screen and the process is painless thanks to this BB cream. The coverage is pretty sheer but that's what concealer is for.

Thanks guys!! I know I'm super inexperienced with make up... I probably WILL NOT be doing any more make up posts because I don't know what to say about any of the products other than a) it smells good b) it makes my skin look nice c) I don't like it. If you do have any specific questions about the brand or how it feels, feel free to leave a comment. Smo is one of my good friends and knows a whole lot more about different products than I do. So check out her blog for makeup and nail posts because you sure won't find them here. If you're interested to see what I got her, check out her blog!!! She also shared with me a very hilarious video that I will leave with you. WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?   

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