Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Oh, there goes the Mint Girl"

I love this orange skirt haha.
this was after my last trip so I didn't
have much in the basket!
Hehe hi guys :) I spent my Saturday volunteering at the Pear and Wine Festival! The most memorable part about this year was walking around to sell all the cool things our sponsor? coach? producer? grows at home. I sold all the lemons, mint, tangerines, eggs, catnip, etc. Hahah, it's really fun walking around even if half the people get really annoyed at me. I am a very dedicated salesperson/marketing rep/campaigner. I went out so many times that people just smiled at me with this adorable basket. The basket really made everything better!

At volunteer, there was this really annoying girl who I hope to never see again. She seriously spent the whole time texting, gossiping, and hitting on this other guy volunteer.... she was also rather interested in my personal life..

I've been sick for the past couple days and mehhh it's the worst thing ever. I hate being sick! Why won't it go away already? Well see you guys soon ^^ bye!


  1. Being a marketer/sales person really is a lot of fun. I have a job where I get called over some weekends to market perfume and such. It's the best job for me because I just get to chase people around the mall all day :P

    I also love the orange skirt, by the way.


  2. Being a sales person is a tough job, particularly when people are irritated. Haha. It teaches you a whole lot of stuff. Love that basket. I hope you get well soon. :)

  3. Cool ^-^ I like your skirt, I hope you get well soon! :)