Thursday, September 26, 2013

One o' Clock Photo Feed!

I got this wonderful idea from Miss Ridx! I've been really busy working on my new public speech (the huge 10 minute one) about bees! I hope to share that with you later. I have to be a little secretive in fear of competition ;) So anyways, here is a brief little snapshot of my weekend.

Hehe my favorite kid and me :) we had lots of fun with the little stickers. Can you tell that I'm crying? xD

This little cutie won't smile whenever I try to take a picture. Oh wells, he's still very cute. 

Hehe more fun with the stickers! 

She's adorable, fact. Her nickname is Koala because she loves to cling on to you. 

This little child is precious. 

Do you see this glorious hat? I saw this when I went to Korea over the summer but I couldn't buy one because my head is too big :(

Heheh they're so cute!

I hope you enjoyed my little photo feed! I'll keep doing these when I'm low on time :) Have a great Wednesday, er Thursday!

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  1. Haha aww I am glad you actually tried that. Oh kids, they are adorable. and I love the hat. <3 Its SO CUTE. Share the speech on bees. I would love to read it. :D