Saturday, September 21, 2013

Autumn Brings 200!

Hello everyone :) This is a truly momentous occasion!! TWO HUNDRED POSTS!!! It's quite sad that I don't get to post as often but this blog is truly my refuge and outlet for all thoughts, good and bad. I've been super frazzled about college lately and all the things I have to do . . . I hope you guys are NOT this stressed about anything. I get stressed very, very easily. Anyways, fall is officially in the air. Starbucks is selling their pumpkin spice lattes and the first rainfall fell on California soil (doesn't that sound at least a tad bit poetic?) this morning. It's time for all the sweaters to come out and the shorts to go hang out in the drawers. I find fall fashion to be pretty challenging but I'm always up for the challenge!

It's the Autumn Festival? (I actually don't know what it is......) but my mom bought moon cakes from Chinatown and we were having a really good conversation. It's rare nowadays to have a conversation that doesn't result in frustration or anger especially about college. We were talking about how by next year this time, I'll be eating moon cakes alone :( my mom also promised to send me lots of packages! College doesn't seem all that far away.... argh so much to do.

Hmm, my life has not been all that interesting. I did my first field reporting by the golf course on Thursday which you guys can check out. I'm starting my HUGE speech about bees using charts and diagrams which is exciting but daunting at the same time. S and I are still happy together ( hmm there's a little irking feeling regarding an aspect of this. I'll explain later). We were never the type of friends/couple that thinks everything is rosy all the time while pushing the strifes under the sofa. We have issues and arguments but we get through them every time. That means a lot to me because we both care so much to be able to say "I was wrong" and move on. I'm reading Hamlet for school and you know, Shakespeare isn't ALL THAT bad. I'm joining the mock trial team and attending my very first meeting on Tuesday! Welp, that's my life in a brief overview. Continue reading for the Autumn Tag and more about me.
Today, ForeverAmber tagged me in the Autumn Tag!! I love the fall so here we go!

Favorite thing about it?
Hmmmmm..... so many things. I even wrote a post about fall and why I love it a long time ago, a whole post. This was in the era where I wasn't so busy. I love wearing sweaters and the changing color of leaves. I like the crispness that you can feel in the air, the abundance of pumpkin products. I love the beautiful feeling you get when you walk around a busy park, ambling along with a latte while the leaves are falling. Shopping in the fall also gives off a way different vibe. I enjoy wearing scarves and drinking hot chocolate. I've had that faithful cup of hot chocolate almost every day of the week. It's doing terrors to my weight but I can't live without it. Reading in the fall is magical, just as magical as reading on the beach. 

Favorite drink?
Hot chocolate, caramel lattes, pumpkin spice anything, salted caramel latte (lol another fall special!), TEA! Yeah, I always scald my tongue though... patience is a virtue. 

Favorite scent/candle?
These questions are kind of hard.... I don't know what that says about me. I could answer "favorite font" in a heartbeat (right now it's Courier for all of you interested). I like all candles but the smell of pumpkin really reminds me of fall. I think that's my go to answer for all of these. I like this grapefruit soap my mom bought. Stuff from LUSH smells amazinggggg. My shampoo from Kiehl's makes my hair all soft and nice smelling. 

Best lipstick?
Ooh, my grandma really likes Chanel so I was having fun looking at all their pretty colors at the airpot duty free shops. I love this Dior clear lipstick thing... I forgot what it's called. It's my go to daily lipstick. I can't do bright colors yet. Some MAC lipsticks are also very pretty. 

Go to moisturizer?
I don't really like lotion... so I don't have one. . . sorry. 

Go to colors for the eyes?
I haven't passed the boundary of boldness yet. I like pinks and neutrals and browns... yep. Asking me about makeup is always a BAD idea. 

Favorite music or band/singer to listen to?
Ooooooh, I love Imagine Dragons :) Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Neon Trees, Maroon 5, Lorde (a new favorite), Train, etc. Hehe. Basically anything trendy.... I'm not all that knowledgable about music either. Why can't it be favorite fall read? I've got you covered for that. Sorry I haven't been updating my reading list, I haven't had the time to read anything that enjoyable. I'll write a Hamlet review soon. 

Favorite outfit to wear? (i.e. boots and scarf combo)
Oh la la, I can answer this one! The fashion section of my blog NEVER took off... I'm way too lazy to go take my own pictures and make lots of cool outfits. I do have some! I like fashion, unlike makeup, and I love seeing what I can do with the same clothes. I've been holding off on that autumn trend shopping just because I bought sooooo much during the summer... I can't resist clothes lol. I don't know when it became like this. I see something at Madewell and I just feel drawn towards it. I wish I could live there. Anyways, I digress. Hmm favorite outfit? 
1. The Simple: jeans, these really cool blue ankle boots from Anthropolgie, a tee (I've been looking for some collared shirts ahh so cool but I haven't been able to make that leap yet.), cardigan, and this red polka dot scarf from J.Crew (it's in the beginning of my summer haul posts). Oh! I forgot a belt. You can't go without a cool belt. 
2. Comfy Soft: Sweaters are like wearable hugs... I like to be warm lol. Gray polka dot sweater, jeans (from this list you probably can't tell that I hate wearing jeans), oxfordss, pink circle scarf, peter pan collar shirt (under). I love this outfit so much. It's a very casual yet fashionable outfit. 
3. Up and Coming: I absolutely loveeee skirts. I'm trying not to list ALL the outfits I love. I sense a new page coming soon ;) Brown tights with this cute little diamond print, orange skirt (yeap it's one of my favorites), white sweater with this little ribbon detailing, maroon scarf, brown ankle boots with laces.

Autumn treat?
Sweaters. Haha, I can't hold off on sweaters forever... 

Favorite place to be?
Used bookstore in the fall immersed with all my favorite reads. I'd probably be wearing some combination of my favorite things and being all geeky lol. Used bookstores are so fun to visit especially in the fall! 

This post I'm going to tag: 

:) yay!  

Since today is the 200th post why not overdo it and give you guys a state of the union? I love doing these c: 
Kate Spade 75% sale 
Galaxy S4*
Birthdays and gift making!
Wrecking Ball
Macbook Air
 Cute stationary 
Post it notes 
Hot chocolate

Buying things at full price
iPhone 5s...
We Can't Stop
School issued iPads
Printer paper
Cardboard boxes 
Sticky notes
Cold drinks 
Every other font (I joke)
Tumblr (just this month)
Letters to Hamlet

It's Time by Imagine Dragons
We could Happen by AJ Rafael 
Be Okay by Ingrid Michaelson 
Meaghan Smith

* This is just my opinion ... so don't be all angry at me! 

Yeah! That's my state of union for September :) So anyways, here's my little blurb about personal problems lol. I guess this is a "reward" for all you guys who read to the end of the post! You guys might know the "history" of S and me. Basically, my friend liked him (I can't remember what I nicknamed her..) and I tried to help her but ended up becoming friends with him. And then we just connected. She was totally fine with it when I told her though, I think. I'm good at pretending to be happy or sounding like I'm happy when really I'm a crying mess.. so I really can't say for sure how exactly she was feeling. I can't fake it for people who know me pretty well so I'd hope she was being genuine (I'm 99% sure she was). Why do I bring this up again? Well my best friend L has a little hunch that she likes him again. Neither of us are positive about anything so I'm definitely not going to take action (if you were worried... I am a very impulsive person). It just makes me feel a little bit. . . insecure? I do trust S a lot, a lot, a lot and I have faith that he wants to be with me but it's still kind of irksome that she might like him. L was saying how as long as she doesn't do anything bad (which is highly improbable! I have faith in her too!), it's not a big deal at all. I suppose it's true but there was this nagging thought in my brain and reminded me of The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell. Honestly, it felt a bit strange when he started hanging out with me and my friends in the library after school (we spend like 2 days after school at the library, 3 at his house. I promise we're studying). Not because it was awkward but it was weird having two parts of my life mesh into one. I guess I am a petty person lol because it bothered me that he got along so well with my friends but now I'm totally fine and happy about that change! It just took a little getting used to. I DO NOT appreciate it when L and S gang up on me though lol (all in joking matter). 

I don't know how much of my personal life to disclose on here. Hehe. I let S look on my blog for a day and amidst ALL the posts he somehow finds all the serious posts about him. I guess there are a lot.. welp he's not allowed to read my blog anymore (or at least not allowed to tell me that he's reading my blog). It felt like a privacy invasion...which I guess is my fault since I put all this stuff online for people
to read. It's definitely different from a stranger reading your blog to your best friend (who I don't mind at alllll reading my blog) to your boyfriend.... 

Anyways! Well on Friday, I hijacked his phone to randomly inject myself into an fb conversation he was having with one of his church friends (as him haha. my enthusiasm was much appreciated!!!!) and he was rolling his eyes at me lol after unsuccessfully trying to take his phone back. And then he just said: I guess I can just explain that my girlfriend stole my phone. hehehe, random uses of the girlfriend never fail to make me happy. 

Yeah I think that's all the personal detail I need to include. It's really different lamenting excessively about your lack of a love life to wondering if you should disclose stuff. Excuse me as I go back to read earlier posts haha. 


  1. omg such a long cute post. I enjoy summer a lot but then I am the kind of person who enjoy everything. well, almost.

    Starbucks. I want some. :( No starbucks here. :( You are so lucky.

    and thanks for the tag darling. I have to answer the questions, right? :)

    Privacy invasion. I know that. You should keep your blog a secret. :p Hahaha.

    PS: Congratulations on reaching 200 hundred posts. :)

  2. I have just come back from America and have to say I am dying for Starbucks :p it's crazy.
    I think I'd run away if my family or people at school read my Blog :p
    Congrats on 200 posts O.o I've just started a new blog so I'm hoping to get there within the next...year or so :p

    I'm also your newest follower, so keep blogging :)


    My new blog;

  3. Ridx: Thank you so much!! I really appreciate all the support you give me :) I absolutely love Starbucks even if I don't really like coffee.. hehe I've been trying to keep my blog under wraps and it's been working out pretty well!
    Tayla: Thanks Tayla!!!! I always love having new followers! I will definitely check out your blog :) Blogging is a lot of commitment... and I know the moments when I really just wanted to stop. Good luck to you ^^