Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Birthday Girl :)

Hi everyone!! I know I've been really MIA lately.... I've been so stressed out with a million and one things going on right now. It's so hard to keep track of everything and I'm trying my best not to lose it completely lol. I've been continuously having emotional breakdowns at late nights BUT today is a good day :) I really miss blogging and I'm going to try my best to post at least TWICEEE a week!! I'm also doing a series of guest blog posts about my college admissions process so I'll post those here too :) I hope it can help at least someone... Those probably won't be the emotional rants of a teenage girl who hates life at late nights because they're going to be edited.

It was super foggy and windy but fun :)
My birthday this year has been wonderfulll. My grandma came back withe me from Korea and she's leaving today... :( it's bitter sweet. I'm glad that my laundry will be all soft again (my grandma doesn't use the dryer) and that no one is nagging at me to eat but at the same time it's sad to see her leave. After church, I went shoe shopping and now I have a really pretty pair of fall shoes! We had dinner on Sunday at this really cool Japanese fondue place in Japantown, San Francisco after touring the San Francisco piers and the Golden Gate bridge. I bought a couple of nifty things at Daiso and my grandma gave me birthday money. Hehe. I think I almost have enough for an authentic working typewriter. . . or a couple sweaters from Madewell/Urban. My mom's mom (the grandma I grew up with) called yesterday for an early happy birthday and it's so nice to hear from her.

Hmm... I've been deemed a hipster. Lols, which I guess is sort of true. I don't have a hipster vibe though, yet? I blog, wear Ray Ban glasses, oxfords..., I like polaroids, typewriters, and all things retro. I like vintage stuff and sort of weird, artsy clothing. I don't want to drive ever and want to be some sort of writer.

The rest of my life is pretty boring... I hope to blog more in the coming months but I dunno how likely that is.

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