Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Campaign Manager

Hello, I've been a bit busy and sleepy. I know there has been a serious lack of blog posts. I apologize for that because I know it's no fun reading a blog that never updates. A couple new things have happened in my life since we last talked.

Firstly, I have realized how much fun a campaign manager can be. It's the perfect non-commitment job for me. Non-commitment means that I don't want to become a campaign manager as a profession but it's a fun hobby for me. I love making posters and advocating to people I know and don't know. I enjoy bothering people and seeing each person vote makes me so happy. One vote never seems like that much until you try being a campaign manager. Every vote counts, as cliche as that statement is. If only my friend's sister had told me earlier.... ah well it's nice discovering a new passion in life!

Secondly, I really don't like TG romantically at all anymore. We're 100% friends and that's totally fine with me. It's funny how little I try to see him. Of course I'm still friends with him but when I did like him I would actively wait for him and try so hard to talk. It sucks that we don't talk as much because I don't try as hard. S really confuses me. We're friends yes but there are so many mixed signals everywhere. He's a sophomore so I really wanted him to vote for my friend's sister. We got into this huge argument because he didn't want to vote. Why would you crush other people's dreams like that? Yeah, it doesn't affect you but it means so much to someone else. It takes 2 seconds to vote... Anyways, somehow I agreed to bake him 20 cupcakes... hahah. You'll see lots of my cupcakes tomorrow! Byes!

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