Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rainy Days
Hello! Just when I think it's nice and warm, it's raining again. Maybe some of you are tired of hearing me rant about the weather but I'm tired of having to rant at all. The weather needs to make up its mind already. Today, in the afternoon, half the sky was blue and radiant while the other half was gloomy and overcast.

You know... I don't mind being home alone so much. I rather like the airy silence that hangs in the air. I don't know if I'm an introvert or an extrovert. I like hanging out with people and meeting new people but at the same time, I do like having some alone time. I wrote a brief description of the morning.

The window pane is slid open. I chastise myself and listen to the rhythms of the rain pounding down. The air smells fresh and I take a deep breath. Half awake, I make my way down the stairs. I let out a taut yawn and feel my feet pressing against the beige carpet. The empty tea kettle is still sitting on the stove top. Dirty tea cups are set all over the counter. The scent of tea is still integrated. I see a couple empty plates in the sink. Crumbs are littered over the white backgrounds of the plates. The window hangs open.

Rain is not romantic, maybe that's just me. I don't like the rain at all; except the few times where I want to wear rain boots. I was talking to S and he made this really cute comment about how walking in rain was romantic: "Lol I never said I like being wet. That's what the umbrella's for. I love umbrellas! Plus that means she'll have to walk close to me if she doesn't wanna get wet." It made me laugh because as much as he proclaims to hate high school relationships, he's a bit of a romantic himself. He's my neighbor too, as I think I've mentioned before. We played ping pong yesterday and today!! It's great being able to spontaneously hang out. But anyways, you always see that scene in movies where the main protagonists kiss in the rain and everybody swoons, except me. Wouldn't you rather kiss in good weather and feel extremely happy? In the rain, I would feel like I sort of hate my life because I'd be wet. Wet and happy isn't as good as sunny and happy. Not everyone is prepared with an umbrella either. Who knows... maybe one day I'll appreciate the rain.

I do like reading and writing in the rain. Hearing the rain pound down is a great backdrop for writing serious stuffs. On that note, no a scarf boy is not ready yet. Spring break has been really ... busy? I'm too busy working on my diabolical term paper.

I've been really obsessed with snapchat and spotify lol! If you don't have these yet, then get on it!! They're such cool apps!

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  1. Hi Youngjoo! I agree that rain is great for reading and writing and generally relaxing, but I'm quite different from you because I LOVE rain! <3 Yes, there's really nothing great about getting wet haha I just generally like colder weather better than warm for some reason.

    xo, Safia