Friday, April 5, 2013

Term Paper Anxieties

This is going to be a short post made up of thoughts lodged in the back of my head. Firstly, I've been working on my 10+ page paper about Murakami. I talked to my dad, unwillingly, about the paper and I feel much more collected. I have fallen in love with the works of Murakami all over again. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for something to read. There are so many layers and symbols that make you think twice, read twice. He's definitely one of my favorite authors.
Here's what I'd rather be doing... hahaha. I love Korean dramas. I have watched all of these ones and many, many more. Dramas allow you to experience a level of love unrealistic and impossible in real life. Yes, they also skew your sense of reality and expectation but they're so fun to watch and live through. Most Korean dramas have a non specific, mediocre heroine that any girl can place herself in. Plus, dramas always have awesome OST music! Be prepared to have the living sap sucked out of you. Dramas take time and energy and the will to live after you finish one. If you're looking for ones to watch, choose any from this collage. They were all super! I didn't include some like Coffee Prince and Mischievous Kiss mainly because they're well known or annoying (eh hemm, Mischievous Kiss).

One more note before I say adieu. Don't give mixed messages. That's just cruel and evil. I know sometimes you don't intend to give mixed signals. Make sure you know what you want clearly. Don't waver between what you think you want because that really messes everyone else up. If you say you want to be friends, act like it. Okay, just a friendly reminder. Good bye!

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