Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fun Times in San Francisco

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that I was in San Francisco today!!! The city is absolutely gorgeous and the weather was surprisingly nice. I wore two jackets and a scarf. All that wasn't necessary. I always choose to believe the weather forecasts on the wrong day. When can I start wearing skirts and dresses? Ah well it's already April and doesn't April mean spring??

I have some things to say about our lab experiment. At first we were planning on approaching random people and pretending to know them. The lab was supposed to test how willing people were to save you from embarrassment. What we soon realized was that these people had nothing to gain or lose from saying the truth. It was a soul crushing lab, even for the few hours we tried. I have never had people tell me they were too busy to even hear what I was saying. I had one girl say that she maybe knew me though! One o'clock PM was a dark time period. Five of us were sitting in a table meant for four people amongst the crowded food court scene. The two guys helping us were eating lunch somewhere outside.

In an illuminating moment, another brilliant lab idea was proposed. We decided to measure how polite people from our school were compared to the norm. So we split up in two groups and decided to hold open the doors. It was actually really fun even hanging out with .... this one guy. I'm positive that I've talked about him before but I have no idea what I called him (he's the guy I used to like who stole my desk a while back). He's just really obnoxious and cocky. I didn't realize how much he curses either... what a turn off lol. He was saying how some people in New York apparently mistook him for a KPOP star even though he's only half.. No one has ever mistaken me for a KPOP star... :( And how he just adds random people on Facebook. "Yeah, some girls I didn't know added me; but they were cute so I accepted their requests." Say whaaat? That's definitely not safe on the internet. I know some people roll their eyes during the "web safety" unit of a health class but weird things do happen. Middle aged ladies could have downloaded a pic of a cute fifteen year old girl and used it for the profile picture. I'm not saying that's what happened but it could happen!! Don't accept weird friend requests!

I had so much wonderful food today. I had a cream puff, gelato, and pizza. All together this combination is a culmination of all the foods I'm not supposed to eat. It was upsetting that in my gelato cup, and only mine alone, received 3 spoon things while everyone else only got 2. Was the person serving my gelato hinting that this was the right amount for 3 people??? I read too much in a lot of things but isn't this a reasonable frustration?

Another slightly cute thing happened. I was telling TG (yes he was so kind to help out! That first part was especially brutal) how I was planning on hanging out with S but plans got weird. S and I were going to venture to Japantown but that didn't work out because of the bio lab. We were mostly going to Japantown for the crepes. TG responded to that by saying we should go to Japantown because "it's walking distance." I was not about to drag six people to a place far away just for me to eat crepes but it was sweet that he was so serious about this. I had gelato instead and that was perfectly delicious.

To end the day in San Francisco, I did end up dragging everyone to Crate and Barrel! Crate and Barrel is a wonderful, wonderful store! Everyone should have the full experience of "seeing things they never knew they needed"! I also discovered that American Eagle sells pretty cute dresses and Uniqlo has pretty and affordable clothing. Next time I'm in the city, I'll be stopping by Uniqlo for sure!

I had a meeting today and I was walking home (20 minute walk). I feel really proud for not getting lost! I did trip a bunch though on my own feet or the sidewalk... S pointed out how clumsy I am but I didn't want to believe it. I don't think I have a choice now.... Ah well, who needs a sense of direction or balance?


  1. April means Spring? Tell that to the snowflaked that decided to fall on my head yesterday.
    Every time you write about San Francisco I'm getting a little over-excited :P Next time I go to San Francisco I'm definitely going to Japantown and the stores you mentioned (if they're still there by that time). I was planning on visiting my friends who live in the Bay Area next summer, but I'm afraid I won't have enough money by then, so maybe I'm going in 2015. That's ages away, but still better than not going at all :)

  2. I guess we'll both have to wait a little longer for spring to come!
    San Francisco is a fun city! If and when you do visit, Japantown is a must!!! Make sure you eat lots and lots of yummy things! I wish I could travel more. I'm lucky that I live next to it. I make plans far, far ahead and become more excited by them with each passing day.