Thursday, August 30, 2012

Assorted Box of Thoughts

Instead of chocolates, have ever thought of how enlightening a box of thoughts can be? Thoughts aren't fattening either! I have a lot of different thoughts today which might be a good thing or a bad thing. So here we go!

The first thing on my mind is how hard it is to get interview of normal people! I mean I don't like being quoted either but seriously... I really can't find a single person to give me GOOD quotes about teachers and summer. It's an opportunity to be printed in the school newspaper and say something funny, sarcastic about teachers. By the way, I am currently a writer for the school newspaper!!!!!! It's very exciting; and yes I write about teacher summers. Fun fact of the post!

The other thing that I'm slightly annoyed at is Blogger!! It does a horrible job of keeping track of views which are important to me because I like to know who's reading this stuff that I post so incessantly. Recently, I got a view from South Korea!!!!! And that's so dear to me because I'm from South Korea. It's always cool to meet people of the same ethnicity! So shout out to that person who may or may not be coming back. I still don't know how any of you guys found out about this blog, but I'm so grateful that you continue to read and that you did click on my page.

I hate dark chocolate. I can't handle the bitterness, just like coffee. But there's always dark chocolate in a box of assorted chocolates and just like that, I also have that one grim thought in my head. So this is a semi long story. Freshman year, I was new to this school because I just moved from a different state. I was supposed to take Alg. 2/trig honors but since I registered really late, I didn't get in. So I was taking Alg.2 trig regular with the most awesome teacher ever. I have him again so it's just a funfest. Anyways there was a guy in period 2 Alg.2 trig and I was in period 3. Then I decided to take precalc over the summer just so I could be "ahead" (a.k.a parents forced me). Well by an odd turn of events, he was in the same class as me. So I spent an entire 6 weeks, every day with him. Then I was put into the same math class sophomore year. And now again. I'm just cursed I suppose. The worst thing is that he sort of has an obvious crush on me. I thought it'd be okay this year because there are 41 people in my math class haha and a lot of my friends are in there. Well on the first day of math class, before we had assigned seats, he STILL decided to sit behind me even though there were a lot of empty seats. I mention this person because today, I had to go in during lunch. My math teacher sort of makes us go in one day during lunch or 7th period and stay 20 minutes to work on math and study. Thursday was sort of the day that everyone wanted to go. But there were lots of empty seats when I came in, I came in at the same time as him. YET... he still sits next to me. I have no idea what to do. There's not anything I can say either.

Well on that good note, here's another thought. Yesterday while trying to keep my eyes open while reading the Iliad, I found a really old song in Korean. It's called 마법의성 or Magic Castle. It's a really pretty song about a guy who dreams of a girl, a girl lost in magic. And every time he sees her, he always a couple of fingertips away. Then he prays for endless courage and happiness and finally "saves" her from the castle. Haha rough summary. But it's such a pretty song that I fell in love with all over again. I love it when songs do that.

I didn't see TG today... :( well actually I did see him but didn't talk to him not even one word.

I also miss my European history class. I still see them around but it's not like last year. Last year we would sit there for a whole extra seven minutes, the time that was supposed to be brunch. We came in before the AP test to eat donuts and study and nothing was more perfect than that Saturday afternoon. I love being in a class with people who care about history and not just because of grades, but an actual genuine interest. I see that in my English class too. I have mixed thoughts about my choice not to take AP US history. Even though I don't miss the workload I miss people who had smart, intelligent thoughts. And I'm bored to death in history. Well that's probably because my old Spanish teacher is teaching history... it's odd I know.

Let's see. I have a happy thought somewhere. Mm yes! I am meeting a lot of super awesome people this year :) because I take public speaking!
Last thought (or will it be?): ants are scary! Especially when there's five million of them making a trail from one side of the locker hallway all the way to the library. Scary, scary, scary!
I'm excited for the first day of September! Only 12 days till my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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