Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glimpses of My Life

I don't have a very interesting life but here am I blogging, again :) Day 2! of hopefully many more days to come. I have to realize in one short day that I am in love with blogging. One quirky, slightly worrisome, thing about me is that I love to talk to myself. I love it so much that now I unconsciously do it. By the way, I'm an only child, if you haven't figured that out yet. I know I annoyed the very nice friend sitting next to me during the AP tests last May. My muttering gets louder as I get frustrated and stressed. The AP test was one of the most stressful things I've ever taken. It's just weird to be in a room for about four hours of almost complete silence. My blood pressure was skyrocketing as I tried to finish the last few questions. The staff people watching you take the test are very, very dedicated to their craft.  When they stop, it means stop. It's about as paranoid as the airport about security and cheating. Then the test is all taped up and sent back to the Collegboard headquarters somewhere or another.

After introductions of all the slightly interesting pieces of my life put together there isn't paragraphs upon paragraphs to elaborate about my life. Like I said, I was looking for a blog from an ordinary person. I am very ordinary in the fact that I don't go to parties ever, unless you count the school dance, and have pretty much no social life... I've been called not normal before for liking Mondays. Everyone hates Mondays, and I can perfectly understand why. I don't like all Mondays and it pretty much depends on my mood too. I try to like Mondays because you know, if I was Monday I'd feel pretty sad about all this hate going around. It's not its fault that it's called Monday and the weekend happens to start on it. If we all started school on Tuesday then well we'd all hate Tuesdays.

So where I live, the weather is awful to dress for. In the morning, it's super cold and in the afternoon it's really hot. I used to not be all that cold but nowadays after this summer break, I somehow cannot handle 50 degree Fahrenheit weather... I really want to wear shorts and bring out all my skirts before the summer is actually gone. There isn't much hot hot hot weather, maybe around ten days a year and right now especially the weather is being all "I don't wanna be one temperature" in preparation for fall. Maybe I'll brave it tomorrow, who knows. I prep myself the night before but every morning when the cold wind blows in my face I decide otherwise.

I recently got into gardening! That was super exciting. While I was in Korea, I left my plants in the good care of a church person. She took really good care of them and where she lives it's not that hot like where I live. It never goes over 80 degrees F. When the plants came back to my house, they shriveled up within a day. I think they're readjusting in the shade but even gardening takes a lot of work. I guess growing things and taking care of anything is a hard task not to be taken lightly.

Speaking of living things, there is the most adorable cat in the neighborhood. After knowing her for about a month and a half (I was absent for three weeks but I still knew her so I count it in, hehe), a friendly neighbor who was walking his dog informed my mom and me that the cat's name was Bob and  later revealed to us that Bob was a girl. I would be horrorstricken to have my parents name me Bob but I guess this cat was okay with it. She responds really well to Bob. Bob is a black cat who loves everyone in the neighborhood. She always cuddles with your leg or hand. Since Bob and I have a personal relationship, she started to follow me as I walked down the neighborhood road. She stopped every time there was a car and only walked when my back was turned. Lately I haven't had time to go out and walk around but my mom informs me that Bob isn't present lately either.

There is a lot of wildlife outside my house. Everyone who doesn't live here thinks I live in the middle of the mountain. That's really not true. But every then and again I see deer! Deer on the street pavement, deer at someone's house, deer in random places. I love seeing deer. Another time a flock of sheep migrated towards the grassy plains next to a tunnel. They moved and that made me quite sad. I love sheep, I really do. There are also turkeys who randomly run across the street sometimes, a street full of cars. Every time I see them run across and jump the short wire fence, they always manage to be so graceful. Who knew turkeys were graceful, or slightly crazy?

I guess I managed to crank out some informative and hopefully interesting aspects of a rather dull life. Oh one more thing. There are also lots and lots and lots and lots of crows! These crows are very, very loud in the morning and all flock to my school. I despise crows and yet they are probably the only birds I see ever. As annoying as crows are, there is also an ant infestation going on in my school. My school is an outdoor school. My friend who doesn't live in this state questioned that but when she visited she just simply said "oh". It's a rather simple concept. The whole school is outside... and the hallways are outside. It's awful when it rains. The only thing that is inside are classrooms. Because of that, ants love to crawl alongside the sidewalks and into classrooms. I hate ants and am rather afraid of them. During my public speaking class, there were two ants who were crawling all over. My teacher was talking and talking and it's not like I could scream out because of a couple ants. So I was goading the ants with my pencilcase to go somewhere else. They didn't. But the sophomore behind me squished the ant and I was  grateful. He just gave me a strange glance but you know I'll take it, almost anything over ants.

So yes, this is my life; creating drama because I lack any actual drama which is a pretty good thing. I would rather freak out about ants than a breakup or some sort of fight between my friend group. Today was a nice day. Just nice. Ah one more thing!!! It was just nice because I didn't see him today, I can't remember what I referred to him as yesterday. He'll just be a pronoun for now, I do that a lot too. I usually saw him after school but today, no.. maybe it's because my walking pace was different or something. Well maybe I'll luck out tomorrow.

Okay this is actually goodbye now! Enjoy your day! xx
PS: if you have any questions for me ask them :))) I'll try to answer them as best as I can. Especially on Fridays! That can be a special Q&A day if anyone bothers to ask anything. So that even if I can't write this much on a blog, I respond and keep the blog going.

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