Friday, August 31, 2012

Life According to Me

Hello everybody! Today is Friday (at least where I live) and it feels like it hasn't been Friday forever. The week is starting to get difficult now... I thought English was okay and then my teacher throws us a really difficult quiz about Socrates. I definitely don't think that multiple choice quizzes are easy...

I have a really bad habit of leaving my lunch box in the Journalism room where I am 5th period to work on the school newspaper. I don't ever forget my textbooks but always I leave my lunch there. This happened freshman year too where I left my lunch in the biology class, 5th period, almost every day. I have a very weird memory. The office people were none too happy about this.

I seriously thought that August only had 30 days so I was all ready for it to be the first of September. I guess I still have to wait a whole day. On another random note, I am sort of addicted to this biology game that you can download from That's the website and apparently, according to my teacher, the people who set up the game made a custom domain in Italy just to do that. It's really fun where you sort proteins (it's a lot funner than it sounds) but my computer, my NEW computer, can't deal with it. The computer starts to heat up and get super, super hot. Not only that, but it also makes a weird whirring noise that is loud... Two minutes after I shut off the game, the computer is all better. It's so weird but I care more about my computer than playing on  However I do encourage anyone to try it!

I did see TG today!!! I asked him about english and got to help this sophomore with the woes of European History. Well I guess I didn't really help him but rather convinced him that an 83% on a test is very good and that a 50% is not bad. I am still surprised that I remember that Boccaccio wrote the Decameron! Euro never totally fades away. European history is really interesting and I definitely recommend the class for anyone having that dilemma.

I also saw the other guy I liked pretty much last year. It changes constantly, fun fact. But I feel like we're finally friends, like actual friends. And I'm really glad that my feelings for him have pretty much been eradicated. I don't know how I feel about TG either. I don't have the usual signs-- like my mind wandering to thoughts of him, or doodling, and I am capable of having a normal conversation with him.

Anyways! Fridays are going to be dedicated to questions. Since I don't have any questions from possible readers, I decided to just talk about my hobbies and something very generic.

Q1: Hobbies?
A1: Yes, I have hobbies! I love writing and I always have. It started in fourth grade when my parents decided to put me in an art class because I was so terrible at art and needed a hobby. At the art class, I basically drew all sorts of scribbles. What's more amazing than a fourth grader drawing scribbles is a fourth grader making crazy stories from these scribbles. So I decided to write them down and this is how I started to write. I like journalistic writing and I like writing for my school paper. I have been published once in the neighborhood paper and I have another article submitted but I don't know if it's going to get published. I am a radio host! It's a teen radio but still :) it's a unique hobby and I like to talk so it works out for the most part. When I first auditioned (everyone who auditions joins the team), I was really impressed because the producer lady told me that the radio was being heard in 192 countries but it's an online radio so I don't know how accurate that statistic is because technically speaking yes, 192 countries COULD listen to it... Another hobby I have is volunteering and teaching Korean to little kids. I like little kids, these kids are in first grade and pretty cute (unlike my summer volunteer teaching English). Then I have the other "hobbies" that all people have-- baking (although if you read my piece about baking, you'll probably agree that I can barely call it a hobby), drawing (I can actually somewhat draw now! it's a skill learned from doodling constantly in classes last year), taking photos (Polaroids all the way!), and reading (I am a huge bookworm, I even update my reading status to a website called which is a fantastic website for all you other bookworms).

Q2: Favorite color?
A2: My favorite color is definitely pink. That's why this blog is now called Adventures of a Pink Girl and the url has the word pink in it too. To me Pink was always a optimistic color that had a lot of energy and happiness. But I don't like all shades of pink. In general, I don't like neon or dark colors. I'm okay with wearing black now but for the longest time I owned nothing that was black.

Q3: Favorite movie?
A3: I love movies!! I like watching animated stuff but I can't deal with the music side to a lot of movies-- like Disney movies. I almost suffered while watching a musical because they did not talk AT ALL... I do like The Proposal, Pixar, Hayao Miyazaki films, chick flicks (He's Just Not That Into You, Ten Things I Hate About You, etc), and comedy. I don't usually dislike that many movies.

Q4: Pet peeves?
A4: I have many! I hate it when people eat food when I'm trying to do math, just math. It's so weird! I don't like the sound seat belts make either. I have OCD tendencies too. And I'm generally peeved by cats who dislike me! I hate it when I take off my watch and hear the ticking noise. It doesn't make that noise on my wrist but it does when it's on a flat surface!

So yes, that's about it for today, or is it? I think that's going to be one of my catchphrases very soon. If you want more interesting questions and pieces of my life ask below :) And on Saturdays, I think I will post tidbits of the stuff I write when not blogging. So yes, have a wonderful weekend (hopefully where you live it is the weekend).

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