Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Iliad Makes Me Sleepy

I am seriously becoming sleep deprived. It's the second week of school now and we're reading about Socrates and the Iliad in English. It takes forever and like the title so wonderfully says, I can't keep my eyelids open. I wish I could go on an epic journey like Odysseus though.

Today, I had a really uneventful day. Today in Journalism, someone brought cookies! We have "birthday fairies" where one person brings treats for the whole class when someone's birthday rolls around; and then we all sing happy birthday! I swear I'm going to gain like 10 pounds from that class, but I do love cookies.

I didn't get to see That Guy (TG) today. I was hoping to but didn't because I had to talk my AP Bio teacher about the lab that's due tomorrow. It took longer than I had hoped. Well, it's a good thing that's there always a tomorrow. I think I have something for guys who run cross country....

Right now I'm quite frustrated about not being able to find the nail clipper. I see it everywhere until I need to use it. What is up with that? That seems to happen for everything... I hate it when my nails are long, another quirk about me!

Since I don't really have much to say today about my day, here's a little piece I wrote about my weekend a few days ago :) I hope you enjoy it.

On Saturday, I decided with the help of an AP Biology project to bake. I enjoy baking even though I’m not the greatest baker. My mother has never liked baking and because of that I have always yearned to bake and open my own cake shop (which was later foiled when I discovered how little potential I have in the baking department). I baked lemon bread because I love the smell and taste of lemons. My love for lemons makes my stance on butter tolerable. 
I have a strange relationship with butter. When I was a child, my mother would never allow me to consume anything with the slightest content of butter. There was never butter in the fridge. The first encounter I had with butter was in fourth grade. My mother’s friend and her son were staying at our house for a month. I was deeply disturbed by this but at the same fascinated. Prepackaged food was trampling all over my mother’s boundaries and stepping into our refrigerator. After a week had passed, I was still not used to sharing a shower and sleeping in the spare room. The only joy that I could look forward to was sneaking a bite of pure butter in the early morning before anyone else was awake for breakfast. There was something exhilarating about the action more so than the taste. It was the epitome of a guilty pleasure. 
I started baking last year. My mother finally allowed butter to come into our household once again for an extra credit math project. I was delighted and it reminded me of all the fantastic memories I had with our long overdue guests. Butter never comes in exactly the right size; there is always some left over. My mother couldn’t bear to throw it away so for a while grilled cheese tasted good and so did toast as did corn on the cob. 
I don’t bake often, actually that’s an overstatement. I don’t bake ever unless it’s for some sort of occasion. As much as butter is useful, it’s awful. The smell and grease of butter never completely goes away. There’s always a little oily section of a mixing bowl or a spoon. While baking, I made the horrible mistake of accidentally touching the sink handle. It took everything to wipe grease off the smooth metal that was the sink handle. However, when the bread comes out of the oven my battle with butter is over, and for a second imaginary. The smell of deliciousness is too hard to resist; no one can win against the temptations of butter. Only after you eat a couple slices of bread do you feel a layer of fat adding to your stomach.
As much as I hate butter, it’s sort of necessary in life, at least in mine. I have become a better problem solver because butter and baking make the most ridiculous problems that cannot be solved with just a basic level of logic. Butter makes food delicious but evidently comes with consequences (just like superpowers). By seeing the amount of butter that goes into baked goods, I have become less likely to eat a large quantity, and that in itself has made me a healthier eater. Awareness is important in a world where almost everything is misleading. 
Baking allows me to have a time to think and be somewhat philosophical. When I bake, I am always reminded of my childhood. Childhood molds you into the person you are and embracing your childhood is an important aspect of growing up and finding out who you are. Plus, baking is also an exciting component of my rather boring life. As soon as I see the ingredients perched on the counter, a sense of excitement and thrill takes over. Everyone needs some excitement because life is way too short to be boring all the time.

Can you find the reference to this piece from my very first blog? I also like to think of myself as a writer. I write mock novels for fun, I guess it's a novella since it's not that long. It's about a hundred something pages but I haven't found the time to write. Unlike blogging, novel writing takes a lot of concentration and deep ideas for plot lines and such. Maybe I'll upload something of that sort later! Stay tuned, it seems that I can find ten to twenty minutes to blog :) xx 

PS: random Q. Does it bother anyone that I frequently fix my blogs? I've fixed this one three times now. Do you guys care enough to check back?

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