Friday, August 31, 2012

Already Feels Like Winter

Hello again! It seems that I have no life beyond blogging, which is absolutely true. But I realized that I forgot some key stuff in the past post and I don't know if you guys (am I allowed to pluralize that?) check my revisions. I definitely don't because I am an avid blog follower. I'm not so into the vlog aspect. I always enjoyed a late treat of an unexpected blog; but I'm also a blog geek so that might just be me.

So anyways on to more important blog topics. It feels like winter here. I don't know what's up with my body but my body temperature is almost always cold nowadays unless the sun is shining and everyone feels that the weather is over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You might understand that but the weather on places like and Apple weather service is often times easy to misinterpret. I started looking at the hourly weather patterns after making the mistake of wearing shorts because told me it would be seventy degrees. I think it's almost time to put the sandals away and bring out my tennis shoes and Ugg boots. I absolutely love my boots. They keep my feet warm and that's really important to me. My mom told me a long time ago that if you keep your feet warm then the rest of your body will be warm too. I don't know if that's true but it seems to be, especially on a frigid day where any bit of extra warmth is necessary (for me). As I mentioned before the place I live in is hard to dress for because of temperature differences during the morning and afternoon. However, today was cold and yesterday was super hot. I don't know which is worse yet.

In winter, I love to curl up in my bed and drink hot chocolate while reading. Or watching movies on the couch with some sort of jam sandwich. Today, I drank hot chocolate while wearing warm flannel pajamas and read Motaigne's essay On Cannibals. It felt like winter.

I decided not to do much homework today. I thought it'd be better to have a break before spending the whole rest of my weekend studying. I am severely sleep deprived and I do need more than 5-6 hours of sleep once a week.

I have a funny story to share! So in math, the stapler is on top of a filing cabinet. For the past week, I noticed myself tiptoeing in order to reach the stapler. For a while I thought it was because I was short. Then I saw myself walking around on tiptoe randomly in the house even when there was no purpose or advantage of doing so. So I thought it was something I just did out of habit. Today during math, I tried an experiment, if one can so generously call it that. The funny thing was that I could reach the cabinet just fine not on tiptoe. I was really proud of myself until I saw that the stapler had only half stapled my paper. The stapler was still attached to my paper because the staple was in a state of confusion, dipping its foot into my paper while at the same time wondering if it was the right move. So I had to tiptoe in order to press down the stapler. I looked at my friend for some sort of explanation. She's really logical and has a lot of common sense, two things that I lack. She stared at me for a while before stating that I was not short but rather weak, too weak to press down the stapler without exerting the strength of my legs. I don't know what's better, being short or weak. I guess I could exercise and staple thousands of papers with a stapler set on a filing cabinet.

I have been called short consecutively for a whole week while at summer camp. The first two days it was a straight up, you're short. One kid even said that our group didn't have a teacher because I was so short. Another day, this other girl (she's really nice) asked why I have short legs. I wonder what things tall people hear. Do people ever comment that a person is too tall? Being called tall never seems to be a bad thing.

I just spent another thirty minutes looking at all the pictures of camp on Facebook. The memories will never go away. I miss the kids in my group! I miss Korea. I definitely left my heart there this summer.

Oh! One more thing before I finally say good bye for the night. There was this one guy that I thought was pretty good looking last year. My friend, one of my very best friends who is never short to forgive me for all my awkwardness and lack of common sense, got him to sign my yearbook even though I've never introduced myself to him. It turns out he take AP Biology in a different period. I guess it would've been weird if he was in my class and he suddenly remembered that I'm the weird girl who got her friend to sign her yearbook for her. I have really wonderful friends. Friends are such an important part of anyone's life. I really hope that you have really great friends too.

PS: I tried making a Wordpress blog to enhance my presence in the blogging community but it was so confusing.... I can't use Wordpress.

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