Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The End is Near

I attended a beautiful graduation! 
Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything at all for five whole days... I was terribly sick this weekend due to unknown causes. I have my last bout of testing this weekend. I have a busy summer planned and it just dawned on me how close the end of everything is. May is such a bittersweet month, especially this year. I'm not ready to be a senior and I'm definitely not ready to go off to college. My mom keeps making snide remarks about doing things by myself and me moving away but it is reality. I'm not sure where I'll be exactly a year from now but I just hope that I'll be happy. This is my last official week before finals week and before the end of junior year forever.

Usually these kinds of posts come on that last day but I choose to appreciate the year right now. I had a much less burdensome and sad year compared to sophomore year. Don't get me wrong, junior year was not a piece of cake, but I really enjoyed it. I met so many new people and had made some unforgettable memories. Dare I say it? It was a really fun year.

I enjoyed my classes immensely and I'm so happy with the way my schedule turned out. Even though I complained about English a lot to everyone in my vicinity, I love that class to the bottom of my heart. We just learn things beyond the English curriculum with a positive, caring, understanding, life-loving teacher. I have my last essay of the year tomorrow and it's a bittersweet moment. Where has the year gone? I'm so glad that I did take a math class this year despite all my trauma and bad experiences last year. Bad experiences make you grow as a person and even if your GPA does take a hit, you're never really that naive person anymore. My final grade in math has not come out yet but I feel like I've finally one-upped math. Take that! There were other immense disappointments, like the SAT, but you know it's only one thing and I refuse to let that drag down my whole year. I had a lot of new experiences regarding Public Speaking and being a staff editor for the school newspaper. I'm definitely glad that I signed up for Public Speaking even if I had doubts. I loved AP Biology no matter how hard and tedious it was. That class was truly amazing and like AP European History, I will never be the same after it :D I encourage everyone to take both those classes. You will NOT regret it. You just learn so much regarding how nature works. No one explains why plants flower or how they grow until you take this class. You learn about the way you function and even if it's not based on math and numbers, it's so important to how we live every day. Without Biology, there'd be no antibiotics and no knowledge of what viruses are or how plant hormones work.

I've also come to accept myself more. I cried a lot less this year compared to last year. I'm just a lot happier with my life too. You're always going to be more critical with yourself. I finally feel a sense of peace (for now, granted) with how I look and how much I weigh. It may be something superficial but I've had this ongoing battle for so long. This summer I plan to do something besides sit around but who knows what that something will be.

If you have followed this blog from the beginning you probably know of all the guy issues I've had this year. For once I feel like I allowed things to run its course without trying to put my foot in the stream every few seconds. This is the first year I've actually had any close guy friends. I'm sort of sad to see that TG and I are no longer really friends. Yes we wave in the hallways and I could always ask for a favor, but we lost some sense of closeness. I don't even know where to begin about S. He's just a really good friend and I'm happy that I got to know him so well. We might have Stat together next year so I'm crossing my fingers. I already talk so much about S that I don't think it's necessary to write here why I'm friends with him.

I am excited for the summer even if I'm sad to see this chapter close. I asked a teacher today for a future rec. letter and that marked the start of all this soon to come college frenzy. During the summer, I'll be traveling lots and starting those college essays. I'll also be studying to take the SAT one last time. I'm so proud of everyone finishing up their finals and graduating. Congrats! I'll be joining all of you soon enough!


  1. You're looking great! Keep up the great work of blogging!


  2. It sounds like it was a very productive year! It's nice for us to just take a step back and think about all we've accomplished, right? Good luck with college apps. I just graduated from high school this year and I'm gonna say that it's a great plan to start them as early as possible. Have fun on your trips this summer :)

  3. Thanks Sanya!!! Thanks for reading :)

    Hi Riley!! Thanks for visiting!! I'm having a lot of fun looking back at past memories. Congratulations on your graduation!!