Thursday, May 23, 2013

Accidentally a Mean Girl

Hello! I've wanted to post something like this for the longest time but couldn't bring myself to do it. It's been a long time since the last time I posted so I'm going to take a deep breath and start this. Well... I don't really know where exactly to start. Have you guys ever watched a chick flick? Haha I definitely have. I've watched so many that I can't even count them anymore. My least favorite character in any chick flick/chick lit is that nice girl who pretends to be someone's friend in order to score the guy. The first character that comes to mind is Regina George from Mean Girls. Regina promises to help Cady score the guy at the Halloween party but kisses him in front of her instead. I have somehow been tossed  into a very unfortunate situation.

In the very beginning, my friend (let's call her Poppy) was interested in this guy named Plumpick (have you watched King of Hearts? That's where these names are from by the way. It's a fantastic film so go watch it now). She wanted romantic advice from me (hah big mistake #1) about Plumpick. I'm not sure how they became friends but at this point I was not friends with Plumpick. She made obnoxious comments about how close she was to TG (no, he does not get a cool name). Plumpick and I have public speaking together (yes, it's a class) and I joked that I'd become friends with him just to set them up. She didn't want my interference and I didn't actually do anything. Ironically enough I wrote a whole entire hate story about Poppy stealing TG from me. She wanted to ask him to prom.

Well they went on an outing to San Fran and watched a movie and ate crepes (perfect first date in my opinion...). She kept saying strange things about me to him and I was really worried that he'd think I was a freak. Then I dunno what went wrong. I made a lot of fun of her for this being a date but she was well grounded. (I had my own outing with TG hehe while this was going on). She was soon telling me how unhappy she was him and how she was avoiding him. They didn't have any classes together but she used to eat lunch with him. Poppy was convinced he liked our other friend, Hyacinth (still from the movie! Seriously watch it..). I didn't think he liked Hyacinth for the record. She was wondering if she should confess to him or not. I told her that she should AND I HAVE GOOD REASONS. She was avoiding him and being weird so I thought he only deserved to know why. It wasn't like if she didn't confess things would be happy and sunshine and smiles. She was so uncomfortable with liking him and it's not his fault that she liked him. He didn't say anything to her after her confession. She was happy after her confession though because a burden was off her shoulders. Poppy was telling me how she didn't regret anything so that was a good step. It wasn't so much a confession to get together but rather to free herself.

That was all good and swell. Then somehow I started to become closer friends to Plumpick. I had no idea what to do because I enjoyed being friends with him but at the same time I could see it hurting Poppy. I tried really hard to patch things up. I'd casually drop her name in my conversations with Plumpick but he'd just change the subject or refuse to give me any coherent information. Well.. Poppy stopped eating lunch with me and our two other friends. She still waves enthusiastically at me and smiles and whatnot but I can't imagine how there must've been an initial bitterness. I do grudgingly admit that some of the things Plumpick and I do are questionable just completely platonic friends. Why can't they still be friends? Why can't we all be friends?

On a completely unrelated note, I really wanna go to a formal outing. I wanna dress up and do my hair and wear these super gorgeous heels. I have a pair of awesome wedges but nowhere to wear them to. Recently I've also wanted to wear a hi-low dress too. . . one day I'm sure my formal occasion will come.

Coffee Shop is not going to be completed any time soon... I've run out of juice which is disappointing considering that I literally have 10-20 pages left. Maybe during the summer I'll be able to finish. I hate to say this but same goes for Scarf Boy. These will get done eventually but I'm not sure when. School ends in about 2 weeks now. Eek. I started writing a new story though so perhaps I'll share that soon. Exciting stuff is about to happen guys! xx

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