Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunshine, Happiness, and Dead Snakes

Hello everyone! I am no longer hyperventilating under the stress of all sorts of tests. All my tests are wrapping up and I can finally start to smile again. I can choose to watch Korean dramas and read things that aren't required for school. I can have a social life again. I can do yoga with friends. My life is basically a happy place once again. Sure, not everything is perfect and not all scary things are over with, but it's a heck of a lot more manageable. Life is a lot more fun not poring over prep books and study guides, surprisingly right?

Last week and yesterday is a blur in my brain. I can't believe that I'm done! But anyways, I just wanted to talk about today. I "made" S agree to buy me frozen yogurt (he agreed to buy me coffee but froyo is just a lot closer). We rode the bus around four to this little yogurt place in the TINY downtown of where I live. After eating froyo, we both wanted fries. So we stopped by Burger King and ordered fries. I said "for here" and we ended up missing the bus. . . From the downtown to our neighborhood is about an hour long walk, 2.9 miles. We argued the whole time about how biology is a serious science. He thinks biology is pointless but I clearly don't think so.

And then it happened. I saw a dead snake and started screaming. I scream on impulse. He didn't see the snake and stared at me with such confusion. He saw it a couple minutes later and jumped a little. Then sort of laughed at me... Apparently I have too many fears.... I was still freaking out about the snake and was hyperventilating at this point. Dead animals tend to do that to me. He gave me a hug. Haha it was an awkwardly nice? side hug.

Cynical Boyfriend Advice (lols don't listen to my romantic advice): If you ever want a hug, take a day trip with the guy you're interested in. (This doesn't really work in group settings and you know it'd work better if you're already friends). Then strategically place a dead snake in the middle of the road. Scream! Most guys will feel bad for you. Because it's totally the same when a guy gives you a hug out of pity vs actually liking you.

My stamina sort of dropped from there and the craziness started to kick in. My memory is sort of blurry....I don't know. He put his arm around my waist and for hours I was spazzing out. It's not "omg I'm so into him" spazz, but a "my body doesn't know how to react to this!" spazz. I do not bode well with physical contact. Haha it makes me feel uncomfortable. NO one has ever done that before, maybe for good reason. Any of my friends can attest to that. I am a safety hazard... I actually almost got run over by a car today.

I GOT A REAL APOLOGY!!!!!! :D Haha maybe TG wasn't so farfetched when he told me to wait for a real apology. Maybe long, long, long, long walks aren't that bad. I also saw a cat right in the neighborhood. I love cats.

I bet his mom thinks I'm a strange girl. I really am curious about what she thinks. If I was a parent, I'd be slightly concerned. . . or really, really concerned. I know not all boy-girl friendships (I know this very very well) are not romantic relationships but parents can't help but be suspicious. I left my stuff at his house before froyo and his mom was home when our walk finally came to an end. She asked me if I wanted to stay for dinner. One day I will!

I'm supposed to watch my school's spring play with him tomorrow. I have good reason for this (my friend L has been on my case about this). ALL my female friends are busy (L can't go, my other friend has her last super hard AP test, another friend D is going shopping.. I don't have that many close friends) and I dunno.. I feel sort of weird asking TG, especially since we haven't talked all that much.

Good luck to all you guys finishing up your AP Exams! Your new life of sunshine, happiness, and dead snakes is awaiting you :)

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  1. I'm glad that your life is getting happier again ^.^

    I hate seeing dead animals too >.<