Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Insufferably Frustrating"

Hello all! I know I haven't been around that much but like last post, I promise to be back next Tuesday! This will be an angry, pissed off rant so for those of you who don't like rants, check out something else. There's a whole archive of more than a hundred posts that you could look through. I swear I'm not usually an angry person!
It's been a tough week and I understand that everyone's nerves are crazy. I've had a bit of a fight with S.   Yesterday, it was really late and my lack of concern managed to hurt his feelings. But you know what, he hurts my feelings almost every day with his indifference. I'm sassy to him TWICE and somehow that's so terrible. I'm just not allowed to be sassy apparently. He never apologizes to me until I tell him how hurt I am and somehow he turns that into me complaining. S blatantly told me how little he cares about the things I love. He even told me he "can't respect" the form of debate that I do. So after this whole "fight" happened, I was feeling really guilty. I can't stand people being unhappy with me. I apologized and this is what I said: ps sorry if you're offended. I seriously doubt that but just in case.
He is just so indifferent that I cannot tell when he's upset and when he's not. S has also told me how he doesn't take me seriously. What if he wasn't frustrated with me? He blew up in my face about "those three words" and yet he's never made a serious apology to me either. The apology was really genuine. I was sorry that I hurt his feelings and then the worst thing ever happened. He called me "insufferably frustrating"!!!!! The funny thing is that I feel exactly the same way about him most of the time. Yet I have never once called him anything. I deal with it. After I storm off of Facebook in an angry pissed off way, he says "sorry if I'm being a jerk." Apparently that's okay. IF = just in case. He's not recognizing that he's being a jerk but rather apologizing for the fact that I'm sensitive. 

I don't know why I'm friends with S. Yes, I do have fun hanging out with him, but most of the time I feel like crap. The worst part is, I miss talking to him for the one day I'm being pissed at him. Whatever, I have strong will and am so stubborn.

Update: he did talk to me and was so incredibly mean. Hopefully if we have a short break, things will be back to normal?

This is a top notch rant. I'll keep you guys in the loop but who knows if I'll stay friends with S. It takes so much effort.... This is not what I wanted this week. xx.

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  1. Oh honey, I hope it works out for you x