Monday, February 18, 2013

Movie Date!

Hellllooo everyone! I had a pretty awesome weekend! Today is going to be all about pop culture. As you may suspect already, I do not have a Scarf Boy for you today. I'm sorry but the creative energy has been drained out of me. I'll explain more later. Here's a little about my busy weekend. So I hung out with S on Friday for about an hour. It was slightly awkward because we aren't that good of friends but it was still fun. I've missed company. I also went to the optometrist and realized that my vision is becoming really bad. On Sunday I went to get coffee and bubble tea with a church friend. Today I went on a movie date with a friend in my English and math class. We've become friends pretty recently but it's not awkward being around her :) My mom hemmed up my dress because it was a little long and now I love it all that much more. I apparently lost some weight and so it's a little big now, but I don't mind!
Today we watched Warm Bodies and I don't know how I feel about this movie. (Spoiler alert) It's a movie about a zombie apocalypse. There is one human resistance group and the world of zombies is pretty much separated from the world of humans. The zombies only go out to feed and the humans learn how to fight them. The main character is a guy named R and he falls in love with Julie when he encounters her while trying to find food. The zombies fight against the few humans trying to find medicine. R eats Julie's boyfriend and kidnaps her. She wants to leave and she does when he goes out to find her food. It really annoys me that she's supposed to be a badass zombie killer but all she does is stand there with an "uh oh" look on her face. R has to rescue her and she doesn't stop at one time. She repeatedly runs away and every time he has to come in and save her when he explicitly told her to stay safe. Throughout the movie, R becomes more conversational and his heart starts to beat. The relationship between Julie and R encourages the other zombies to dream and have emotion. However, there is another group of skeleton zombies that hate this and want to destroy both R and Julie. These skeletons are beyond the point of ever feeling anything again. R goes to Julie after gathering an army of other zombies who feel emotion. Here's the next annoying part. R and Julie are running away from the skeletons and decide to jump into a fountain. They both are alive and R becomes human. They decide that this is the best moment to kiss. And then Julie's protective army father comes with his own army and shoots R in the chest. R starts to bleed which proves that he's human. No one seems to care that he could potentially die. They all celebrate the fact that he's bleeding. Isn't that annoying? And I won't ruin the ending for you. It was a decent movie but I wouldn't expect anything more.

I also read The Great Gatsby and it was a wonderful read. I definitely recommend it to everyone! I didn't hate Daisy as much as I hated Judy from Winter Dreams. Judy wasn't naive and foolish like Daisy. She manipulated Dexter's heart and I had such a sense of hatred for her. With Daisy, I'm confused and conflicted about how to categorize her. I wish Gatsby wasn't such a coward. I anyone watched Nice Guy (korean drama) I'm sure you'll understand what I mean too. In both cases, the main character refuses to see that the girl he loved was an awful person. Both take the fall for the girl they love and the girl doesn't seem to think about that too much. Gatsby wanted everything to be the same as it was 5 years ago but it's just not possible. I also had a bit of a reality check from that and I finally felt a little bit of closure towards the guy I used to like freshman year. It was a brief crush and nothing more. It's time to close the book and really move on.

I also have some fantastically unpractical goals... and dreams. I really want to live in a flower shops. Flowers are wonderful and you always meet such cool people in flower shops. I feel like it'd be the perfect place to write a novel. I've been sort of obsessed with flower shops lately and I don't know why. I was telling S this and he says I strike him as the type of person he'd meet in a flower shop. Is that a good thing? I asked that and he wouldn't say. I also want to live in a bookstore but in a different way from a flower shop. I want to own a little bookstore and live upstairs. I'd eat breakfast at the little table outside while organizing the books for the morning. Something about it seems idealistic. I'd also like to work in a coffee shop haha even if I don't really like coffee all that much.

I'm that type of person that lives in my own world most of the time. In some ways, I'm like Gatsby. He wanted Daisy so much because he molded her into his dream girl. He attributed too much greatness to her character. In East of Eden, Abra sees that Aron only likes her because he fell in love with his own idea of Abra. He didn't love Abra as a person but rather the person he imagined her to be. I am unrealistic and have such farfetched goals. I like to meet random people and talk to them about their life and argue with them about politics. I'm split between spontaneity and planned action. Half of me just wants to throw everything away and travel for a year. The other half knows I can't do that ever and that I need to have a good education so that I can survive. I tried being practical but for me that means being a cynical rain cloud. I've given that up because it's better to trust yourself with your feelings. I guess I can be seen as a crazy person. Realistic people don't cry over romcoms. They don't dwell on little details. They don't ask stupid questions. My life is oriented around things that I want to do. What's life without a dream?

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