Thursday, February 21, 2013

Artsy Gifts!

Hello! It seems like my "art" section is finally coming around. I just have a simple but special craft today. Lately, I've been noticing that the sickness is still going around. If you have any sick friends, this gift is perfect!

1 Mason Jar (this was an old honey jar). My jar was big enough to fit about 3 of those quote stickers distantly placed. (I forgot to take a picture of the third side. Sorry!)
2. An abundance of sticky notes & tape (I used a lot of regular green sticky notes and then I had some of these fun quote bubble sticky notes. If ambitious enough you can make your own quote bubbles out of paper)
3. Lots of "filler stuff" that's good for sick people. This is entirely up to you. I chose some vitamin powder drink thing (it tastes okay, I promise!), cough drops, Dayquil medicine, soap, and alka seltzer (eewww but it works). I didn't have tea but I know that tea is a staple for sick people.

It's very simple from this point on. I wrote a little note on each item, or set of items. Like I wrote one note explaining what the fizzy vitamin drink was on one pouch of it. My green sticky notes were too big so I cut them up into fourths and used a fair amount of tape. This craft is super easy and only took me maybe 20 minutes. During our Secret Santa at church, someone gifted their secret santa three huge jars with all sorts of cool stuff packed in. The jar is a fantastic way to show someone that you care and want them to get better.

You can put different stuff in the jar, like candy, magnets, stickers, etc for different occasions. The project lends itself nicely to just about every event you can possibly think of!

I love jars if I haven't mentioned before. They're just so useful in craft projects. I hope this little artsy gift inspires you!

On another note, I asked TG to prom as friends today. One of the most nervewracking things I've done in a very long time. He had to go make up a Latin quiz so we were standing awkwardly by the tennis courts. I think the tennis team was too busy playing tennis to observe us. At one point, his Latin teacher walked outside and said he was going to the copy room and would be back in five minutes. I made a yes-no game. I'm not sure if you guys have played it before. I hadn't. We did do this at my Korean school volunteer last week so the idea was definitely there. I drew a bunch of foods and the point of the game was to say "I like" or "I don't like" and then I had a couple yes or no questions. I asked the prom question last... I don't know if TG suspected anything but he did say yes. And then we had an awkward hug hehe. Everything feels sort of surreal.

I know yesterday I said something about fate hating me. It sort of does but it also has a big picture planned for you. I know I always forget that part because it's hard to focus on the big picture. So I hope you a wonderful evening of happiness and sunshine!


  1. These are amazing! <3 And congratulations on the prom thing, hehe, I would never have the courage to do that. ^_^

  2. Thank you so much!!!!! I definitely encourage crafts and making your own gifts.
    The prom thing is still really spectacular for me. I still can't wrap my head around it. You only need 10 seconds of insane bravery for you do to something amazing.