Monday, December 1, 2014

Friendsgiving in Boston

I had a really fantastic break in Boston! Smith College is about 1-2.5 hours away from Boston depending on if you take bus, train, car, etc. A wonderful friend gave me a ride there and I had a fantastic time just wandering around Boston. I have thoroughly missed Smith though. MIT (my brilliant friends attend) just doesn't have the homey vibe a women's college has.
There are only three weeks left until school ends and welp I am totally excited.

Trip highlights:
Tuesday-I arrived around 5:30 pm and went out to eat sushi with one of my high school friends that I haven't seen in a long time!! It was so nice catching up with her and window shopping. I ended the night at an awkward room party completely sober.
Wednesday: I went to Flour, which is this cute little bakery that also sells sandwiches and soup, etc. The afternoon was spent talking to a friend literally for hours. At night, my friends and I helped make molded chocolate for their dorm thanksgiving.
Thursday: Dorm thanksgiving! It was a lot of fun and fancy dishes. I had such a good meal thanks to their house master :) We then watched Mockingjay which was an okay movie. The second movie was definitely superior. At dinner, I went to a friend's family friend's house and we had a Chinese thanksgiving with turkey. It was fun but I definitely felt overwhelmed by all the Exeter (the really expensive boarding school) people that were there. It's hard being from a really great women's college that people don't really know about.
Friday: I had lunch with more high school friends in a cool little hole in the wall sandwich place. I got to shop around Cambridge and then we went to the Museum of Fine Arts! The Museum is incredible. I mean not as incredible as New York, but definitely worth visiting. I got to see Chinatown at night and had a pretty great dinner.
Saturday: I went to Prudential shopping area. We didn't have time to go see the skyline but it was fun nonetheless. I almost missed my bus back to Smith but somehow made it back safe and alive.

It was a really great trip! I still don't feel like doing work though even I'm back. . .
On another note, Phi Kaye (the poettt) is coming tomorrow and I cannot wait!

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