Saturday, December 20, 2014

a r t s y

Hello everyoneeee. Guess who is back in the Bay? After a grueling first semester of adjusting, exams, new classes, new friends, and Northampton craziness, I AM BACK HOME. It's so wonderful to be back in my own bed and take showers without shoes on. WONDERFUL. I spent all of today being adventurous and going out with my friend! We had a fantastic day out and it feels like it was just yesterday we last hung out. Due to modern technology, distance is a lot easier to cope with. So I just wanted to share a couple photos from the city that I call home, San Francisco!

beanie shopping 

cream puffs are happiness.
no one can tell me otherwise
(look at that pure shock and excitement)

it's Christmas time xx

have you ever seen a more beautiful palette? 

happy youngjoo 

I cannot wait for what is more to come. happy holidays xx

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