Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thank You for a Wonderful Christmas Eve!

Hi everyone! I had so much fun today in San Francisco with my mom. It was a very fun Christmas Eve full of ballet, food, and shopping! I've never walked around SF away from the shopping mall so the sketchy parts were pretty scary. I've always lived in a suburban bubble which isn't necessarily a good thing but I felt like my life was in danger a couple of times today.. but anyways! Here are some snapshots of my journey! 

The Nutcracker was amazing! I was captivated by how the dancers were able to capture such a story with the beauty of motion. I also had way too much fun with the google photos effect hehe as you can probably tell also later on. 

Union Square put up a beautiful tree and I enjoyed seeing it all lit up! 

Hehe here is the snow effect again :) this is the tree that was on display at the opera house where the ballet was performed. 

Lastly, here is one holiday card I made for my grandma :) 
I just want to thank everyone who worked today, whether it be the waiters/waitresses in the restaurant, the ushers in the opera house, the ballet dancers, the bus drivers, etc. I had a great Christmas Eve with my mom and it wouldn't have been possible without these people giving up their time. I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! 

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