Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life Update: Cats, Public Speaking, and Social Life

Hello everyone :) There's been a lot of progress in my life and I've had an exceptionally busy, weird, and wonderful long weekend! It's all over now as I write this at 2 in the morning. I have so many funny things to share that it is appropriately called Life Update. Not too much has changed since we last talked. I really miss constantly writing for this blog. College apps are such needy, attention whores that get really jealous if I decide to write for anything else.

After having some debate practice on Friday, I immediately went home because for once in my life (an exaggeration but not by much..) I had something important to do. This is where the first part of the cat saga comes in. S and I walk home after school (most days, we just do homework as his house) and sometimes we see this cat hanging around. It can be cute but it's an extremely watchful cat.. (I'm not going to elaborate further). Usually people, and cats, have some privacy boundaries but not this cat. On Friday, I saw this cat hanging out with another cat. I've never seen cats hang out before so I was curiously observing them. Right when I entered the picture, both cats became alert and the cat that normally watches S and me started to walk off. This cat walked in the funniest way possible because it kept watching to see where I was going. I was almost at my house (far away enough..) and turned creepily to observe them. They were hanging out again. Hehe, cutest thing ever! [more to come below]

D (or Smo) and I went to a neighboring mall for a Friday night dinner and movie. Both of us really wanted to see About Time. It was a fantastic chick flick and I highly recommend it! I feel like this post is already way too long without an indepth review of this movie so I'll post that later, I promise! It was my first rated R movie in theatres (although I don't understand the rating..About Time was pretty PG13). We are not good at life... we have all sorts of timing mishaps and clumsy accidents. It was a lot of fun to hang out with her and relieve stress. I hadn't seen a movie in theatres since July...We almost missed the movie because we were about 10 minutes late due to timing problems haha. (Crate and Barrel is so fun to hang out at. There was a sweater I found at Forever 21 while waiting for D and omg so much regret not buying it). When the lights came on, I saw these two cute elderly women. I thought it was so sweet to see two grandmothers coming out for a movie. Soon enough I realized that the whole theatre was full of old women. D and I had been late and the room was too dark to see any faces. We laughed quite a while about that one. I was shopping for H's gift because a group of friends were celebrating her birthday on Saturday night.

I had a debate tourney so I woke up at 6:50 am which is still pretty late considering I had to leave the house by 7:10 in the morning. H is usually my debate partner and the whole reason I started doing parliamentary debate was because of her. We've been to two tournaments so we are fairly new debaters (and speakers for that matter..). She had a huge cross country meet that day so I was paired up with this guy. For privacy reasons we can call him A. He's really annoying and everyone felt bad for me BEFORE the tourney even started. A is really intelligent in the sense that he knows a lot of current events but he can't properly enunciate in a way that can be understood. He stutters quite a bit and speaks too softly? His words get pretty muffled and for that reason we went in JV.

I wasn't expecting too much but oh my goodness. I'm never doing another debate tournament with this guy again. I just can't stand him and debate tourneys are LONG. We ended the day around 6:30 p.m. I don't even know how to say this nicely...

He was VERY VERY VERY touchy feely and I really don't like people touching me. I like having my own personal space. My best friend L always gets on my case about not giving her hugs. I learned a lot about the objectivization of girls in guy conversations... girls gossip too (I'm definitely guilty of this...) but girls relish the little moments (omghesaidhi, that guy was really nice, ah he's so cute). Guy conversations revolve around "how hot" a girl is in measure of wanting sex. I'm not saying all guys are like that but I was kind of annoyed on Saturday.
I already ranted to L so I'm just going to list the stuff that went wrong/I found annoying. He think he's a great speaker but in reality.. not so much.
-He was randomly objectified girls... (I'm going to leave it at that)
-A girl's chest is not the only reason for a team's success
-He wouldn't take notes or pay attention. During our 4th round, he was just randomly haunched over a desk. That looks really bad when the judge is writing notes about what happened.
-A kept hinting that he wanted to give me a hug.. and kept putting his arm around me. He even picked me up. . .like physically because he thought I couldn't walk. I need to learn how to become more affirmative and direct.
-He also invited me to dinner randomly? Thank God I had a dinner appointment.

After the tournament, my debate team (minus A) met up at Safeway to shop for H's gift and card. I bought her a pop up version of The Little Prince and ahhhh amazing book! H's sister was trying to distract H by bringing her to Safeway but she accidentally saw us. H is my normal debate partner and was very proud of my 4-0 record (in JUNIOR varsity..) and was very apologetic that I had to go through that awful day. Her party was just really fun and very relaxing.

I didn't do anything.... hehe.

the rack!
Monday was 11/11 and you can read one of my earlier posts about Pepero Day here. I hung out with S since it was our 5 month anniversary! (hehehe I'm so lucky Christmas time marks 6 months). We played ping pong and he sung me a song. Although we were planning to go to SF, hanging around at home was a pretty good alternative.

The cat. OMG. It kept following us around everywhere. SCARY STUFF.
update: I saw the cat again this morning (Tuesday) and it let me pet it :) it made the most adorable mew sound too.. so I guess I'm not sworn enemies anymore.

My parents also helped me organize my room and now I have a super cool rack to organize clothes with!!!!

And now it's Wednesday night and the fun is all over.

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