Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Hello everyone :) It's been a long time since we've talked and I'm quite sorry about that one. There's been a lot of compromise between the things that I want to do and things that I have to do. I've been meaning to write another short story (like Scarf Boy) but I'm not sure when that's going to happen. However, it's Thanksgiving! We should be thankful for life every day but I know that's almost never the case. It's difficult to be thankful when the right colleges aren't sending you interview requests or your government teacher assigns you about four hours of homework. The sleepless nights and general exhaustion render it almost impossible to be thankful for that opportunity to be at a great high school with a wonderful community. So I'm going to take this time to tell you about some of the things that I'm thankful for :) [read more for life updates and little shoutouts].

I realize that most of the people I plan on thanking here will never read this. That's the way I like to blog. Unawareness. However, they all play an important role in my life and time should be taken to thank them (on here and in real life).

♥ Friends. 
I've always been very social and pretty outgoing, ever since I was a little kid. I don't know what life would be like without them. They constantly make me laugh and smile as we share the funny stories of our lives. L, especially, is one of my closest friends and confidants. Although I have an active imagination, I ignore a lot of obvious signs ("oh no, that could never happen to me"). She's really seen me grow up from my sophomore days where I wanted to throw my feelings away (guy I liked freshman year moved away, which eventually helped, but I was an emotional mess) and became attached to some guy who barely knew I existed. A little wave was enough to send me to a place of expectation and bliss. Sophomore year was hard academically but an emotional toil as well. I've become closer to a lot of my friends this year whether they be debate partners, church friends, or the people I eat lunch with. They encourage me so much and partly why I'm so enthusiastic for every day. Friends are the family you choose and I really couldn't have surrounded myself with better people.

Perhaps I've mentioned this but I love to write. Maybe you got that since you read this blog. Over the years, I've tried (really hard) to veer away from the path of journalism. It's not sustainable, it's competitive, you have to be thick skinned, etc. I always keep coming back to the aspiration of writing. When I went to New York over the summer, I fell absolutely in love with the culture, the craziness of the city, and seeing that New York Times building. I really saw myself (this is the way too active imagination) as a New Yorker. I was carrying a huge bag with food, heels (I can't run around in heels...), and a good book or maybe a Kindle. I would have a latte in the other hand and be dressed in that sharp but playful city fashion. I wanted to have an ID card swinging around my neck as I entered the building in haphazard fashion. There was just a buzz and energy there that I wanted to be a part of. My family has always supported me in every endeavor and a lot of people can't the same. I've never been pushed to follow a dream that I don't really have. My parents, and grandparents, have told me countless times that whatever I end up doing and wherever I end up attending, they'll be proud of me.

♥ S
I guess he sort of does deserve his own little category. We made it "facebook official" last week. S has to put up with a lot . . . I feel really alone sometimes at late hours and that leads to emotional breakdowns. Even if we argue a lot (all the time), we manage to get through it and encourage each other to get stuff done. It's strange to have someone believe in you so much more than you believe in yourself.  It sort of looms on me how limited our time together might be. We're trying to enjoy every passing moment but that it's easier said than done. June will be bittersweet.

♥ Teachers.
I think I said this last year too but I really can't be thankful enough for my teachers. I had such a fantastic junior year and part of that was due to teachers who really loved what they were doing. My English teacher in particular will always have a soft spot in my heart. She was just so passionate about English and the life lessons she learned along the way. Mrs. L really taught me the importance of literature and introduced me to so many classics. She pushed our whole class to achieve more even if we thought it was impossible. She had so much faith in us and that will always be one of my favorite classes.

♥ Opportunities.
This one is a bit odd but I'm thankful for everything that has happened to me. I'm thankful that I've had such wonderful opportunities at every turn. Just when I think my whole life is over, something truly amazing happens. I don't share a lot about religion in this blog but I do believe that God is out there, watching all of us. It helps knowing that he has some plan for me that is beyond my imagination. I protest change a lot, whether it be moving from Korea to Colorado to California, but there have been so many open doors. I have the once in a lifetime opportunity to apply to so many great schools. Not everyone has the same chance and although I complain about apps and other such things a lot, I appreciate the chance to achieve.

♥ Two cultures.
I know I hated on this as a child. I really wanted to throw away my Korean heritage. I'm glad my parents prevented me from that because a unique blend of American and Korean is quite exciting.

♥ You!
Thank you again for reading this post, this blog, my life. I'm so happy that there is interest in my quirky life and the insights I have about it. You guys really encourage me to come back and write a post even if it's so brief. I would fold up this whole project all together but I can't do that because you guys read it :) thanks for everything!

Lately I've been up to a couple craft projects and reading Steve Jobs. Here are a couple pictures!
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Have an awesomeee Thanksgiving!

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