Friday, November 22, 2013

About Time

This was such a great movie!
Hello everyone :) I'm sorry my life has been consumed by college apps. It seems I make this apology a lot but it applies every time. I'm just holding out until January when I can finally have a life again. January 1st will be a glorious start of a new year. For all of you who have college apps looming above you, I have a couple pieces of advice.
  • Make an organized schedule with PRIORITIES. It helps setting up a bunch of mini goals (finish this school by next week, UC apps by Wednesday, etc.) instead of constantly thinking OMG I have 29137297398127983 apps due on January 1st. I'm never getting this done!!!! 
  • Research schools thoroughly. I'm finally done compiling a college list but it is really important to look beyond the popular Ivy League schools. Have a hierarchy system of schools: reach (schools that you dream of but aren't quite qualified), standard (schools that are difficult but that you'll most likely get in), second tier (safety but barely..), safety (schools that you KNOW you'll get in). 
  • Use your summer strategically. 
  • Don't ask TOO many people to read over your essay. It gets annoying fast. 
  • Do a little bit each day instead of waiting for a long break period (this does not mean my Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks will be spent doing apps). 
  • Eat chocolate and drink copious amounts of hot chocolate. 
Anyway, that's a little bit of helpful ranting before I begin a movie review! Beware there will be spoilers. I can't recap a movie without spoilers. I'm one of those "strange" people who like knowing what will happen during a movie before watching it.. I'm always looking for websites/blogs/wikipedia links that expose what happens but no one ever uploads that. So here it is, view with your own discretion. Some weeks ago, I watched About Time with my friend D. It's directed by the same person who directed Love Actually.
About Time seems like another cutesy romantic chick flick and it is to a degree, but it is a well done chick flick which is increasingly difficult to find. It stars Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson and the scenery is in England.

PLOT TIMEEE! (my favorite part). D and I missed the first 5ish minutes because we have bad timing... lols. We need to work on life skills. Since you can find the movie summary on Wikipedia, I'll just sum up a loose outline as well as the parts I loved and found surprising.

The movie starts on New Years and the main character, Tim, wants to find love, like every other character ever. However, Tim can time travel. During that summer, he is staying with his parents and a beautiful girl comes to stay with his sister Kitty. He falls in love with her but realizes that she doesn't feel the same. (He's an awkward geeky character!) Tim moves to London to be a lawyer. He lives with a playwright who is suffering from a bad case of writer's block. His lawyer friend takes him to a blind date restaurant (all the lights are off in this restaurant). He meets Mary. However, the writer is staying with has a huge mishap with the opening night of his play when the main character forgets all his lines. Tim travels back in time and helps the actor remember his lines. Although the writer becomes a huge success, Tim loses Mary's number (first awwwwh moment).

Tim remembers that Mary is a huge Kate Winslet fan and goes to a museum event for her. Although Tim knows who Mary is, she doesn't remember who he is. He creeps her out and discovers that Mary met someone else in the meantime. He travels back to the exact moment where Mary met this creepy guy at her friend's party. They meet and click right away.

This part was that eye rolling rom com feeling. How does it work out so well suddenly? They just know that they're in love which is rare for most people. How do you know when you met that one person? Life is awfully cute for Tim and Mary and they move in together. He meets her parents and asks her if she wants to go to the opera one day.

Mary says no and he meets the girl from the summer at the opera. He tries to initiate conversation multiple times but ends up making a fool of himself. Tim decides to walk away from her cleanly without regret but she comes up to him finally. They go to dinner and she asks him to walk her to her hotel (another OH NO moment). She asks why nothing ever happened between them during the summer. It's bittersweet since she was his first real love. He says no (THANK GOD) and runs home to propose to Mary.

They soon have a child together, Posy. Except, Kitty (his sister) is in a lot of trouble. Kitty has a thing for bad boys and has been dating a guy named Jimmy since that New Year's party. He is ruining her life and she's becoming a negative mess. Kitty gets in to a car crash and is in intensive care. Tim travels back in time and they travel back to the day of the party. They watch as Jimmy hit on another girl since Kitty hasn't met him. (it was heart wrenching because I was worried he wouldn't meet Mary). They fix her life and she ends up with Tim's nerdy friend. Everything seems to be going smoothly except Tim comes to home to find a different child. Tim's father tells him that he can't go back in time before his child's birth.

Later in the film, it's revealed that Tim's father has cancer and eventually passes away. Tim continues to talk to him by traveling to the past. UNTIL Mary wants another child. It's a difficult decision since Tim cannot travel back to the past if another child is born. He lets go of his past life and moves forward.

At the end of the movie, Tim realizes that every day should be lived to the fullest. Every day should be spent treasuring the smiles and miseries. It has that same glowing, positive message that Our Town had. It's better to live in the present and if you treasure each day, time travel isn't necessary. It was a very feel good movie. 

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