Thursday, July 17, 2014

Date Not Date

Hello! So as I posted earlier, I actually met up with A (brief recap: guy I liked freshman year who moved away to boarding school). It's kind of drama-esque.

So first, let's start with morning of. I sent him a brief message reminding him of our hangout the night before. When I woke up, I received a message that he was busy on the 17th (the day we agreed to meet) but that he was free today (today as in the 16th) and Sunday. He's leaving on Monday so it's not like there was another week to plan this. I had already made plans for lunch with another friend. I was very perplexed. Somehow, we worked it out to meet on the 16th at 12:30 pm and I managed to push my other hangout to 2 pm.  

I went to my day class in Chinese and quickly went straight to Gangnam. Finding my way there wasn't much of an issue because I've been there a couple times now and there's literally a subway line that takes you straight there in 20 mins. He was 30 mins late, which is "a little late." Thankfully, I could shop and browse. At one point, I thought he was standing me up. His phone doesn't have data connection here so he couldn't even send me a message. 

I chose the wrong exit so there wasn't that much to eat/see. We still managed to find this little Japanese food place that had empty tables. I had ramen which is perfectly good with me! It was kind of awkward at first as expected, but soon got a lot better. He paid for lunch haha. He even saw me take out my wallet and everything. Once he realized that I don't have any directional skills at all (I can't even read a map or follow google maps...), we went back into the subway and left through exit 11. Exit 11 is where EVERYTHING is. So we wandered around a bit. I said I'd buy dessert since he bought lunch. 

We found this really great, popular, delicious patbingsu (look it up on google) place but it was really full and there was a line. He knew I was short on time too and really courteous (in every way). So we wandered more and found Caffe Bene. It took around 10-15 minutes to find the door lols. Korea has a lot of buildings on top of buildings so it's hard to find the right entrance. He apologized for making me walk up and down so many stairs. 

When our bingsu was ready (the little beeper thing buzzes), I stood up and he immediately said that he was going to get it. While eating our bingsu, it really felt like we were old friends reconnected after a really long absence. We joked about his three friend groups at my old high school, the snow, dorm essentials, etc. 

It seems like the door is open for future dates not dates in college. I sent a message at night (after my night class) saying thanks again for lunch and that it was fun. He replied saying that he too thought it was fun :) 

It's kind of like the date I always wanted, except it was so comfortable and felt like two friends talking. I don't want anything more than that. It's perfectly fine the way it is right now. 

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