Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm not dead, I promise!

Hi guys :) It's been a very long time since I've posted anything! I apologize for that but life has been inundating me with things to do. I'm memorizing my speech about bees, cutting trees out of wallpaper for my speech about bees, making posters for my speech about bees, fighting with my boyfriend about how much time I spend on this speech, writing college apps (not about bees..), trying to understand physics, studying for SAT, etc! I'm not trying to complain or ask for pity but rather tell you why I haven't been posting because I feel like you guys have a reason to know :) It's definitely not because I found something better than blogging (if such a thing exists...).

This is basically an update post about what's going in my life. I think I have finally finished test taking but I can never say that with conviction. A new member has joined my family! Meet Ferguson, my cactus!!! I picked it up from the Faire a while back and I can't believe I'm just introducing it (I don't believe in assigning genders for non existent things) now. Ferguson had a friend but I gave it away to one of my best friends for her birthday :) Spreading that cactus love!

I did have a pretty cool outfit for a college session in San Francisco but sadly, I didn't think to take a picture. I hate taking pictures of myself... I don't know how to get that fashion section up and running because pictures and me...we're not friends. Would it still be worthwhile having pictures of just outfits? Hmmm.

My life is mostly all the same. Public speaking tournament and Homecoming coming up soon (as in this weekend..) so I'm kind of frazzled and stressed for that.. Lots of tests and college visits this week so I'm sorry if I don't post until Sunday.

Here are some more pictures of the speech I'm working on! I went to a craft store and picked up all sorts of boards and paper all for just $7! I ordered A HUNDRED magnets on and well... yeah. Not much else to say about that.

The big tree wouldn't stay still...

Heheh progression! 

The almost final product!

On the other hand, I cleaned up my room and now my bookshelf is really organized... AND one last update, creators of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries have started their new series called Emma Approved. Awesomeness! 


  1. Its okay I can see so much going in your life. I have been really busy too. with SAT, college applications. Damn! I am really interested in your bee speech. anyway I read your previous post. Its awesome. Economics. Politics. something I am really eager to study.

    1. Don't worry Ridx!! I will post it soon enough :)
      Ah we might end up studying the same thing!!! :D so exciting!