Tuesday, November 4, 2014

1cm+: College is a Whirlwind

today was a beautiful day to read The Social
Hello everyone.... It is November and I realized I have not blogged since August. Please take my sincere apologies and this post as an olive branch. Blogging has not really been a priority. . . however, I am back! I feel like my life is at a point where I can start blogging again and I have things to say in a blog.  I played around with the layout and while it's not perfect, it's definitely a start. I'd love any feedback/encouragement. Blogging is a tedious process but too rewarding to quit

I got rid of that whole "menu" idea because it's so impractical for me to be blogging every day. The new goal is to post one insightful post, a shorter check in kind of post (musings) , and a few pictures on the yawn1 instagram.

I don't even know where to begin on college. I'm not going to try to sum up my entire life in the past two months. College is eye opening and radically different from anything high school prepares you for. Here is a checklist of all the things I'm learning/have learned:

-roommate issues do magically go away.
-how do you balance social life and academic life?
-political theory is not the class for me. in fact, only biology is the class for me. plot twist.
-why did Taylor Swift remove all her albums on spotify? CRIES.
-reading in college is hard.
-some professors are so bad at emailing...
-WHAT AM I GOING TO DO THIS SUMMER? internships? summer school? chinese? #overwhelemed
-why are there so many cute shoes online...? I think I'm starting a relationship with Topshop
-what is exercise
-newspaper is not my thing anymore.
-why are my plants dying...
-omg I can fit into my pants again!
-East Coast is SO cold
-are hook ups my thing? (post coming about this soon!)
-why is ice cream so delicious always?
-bangs were such a good decision. I want a haircut.
-This 10 page paper is so intimidating.
-what are my grades? can I make it to Oxford junior year?
-finally watched Step Up All In. It was meh.
-squirrels are so cute. #lifecomplete

Here are the diabolical classes I'm taking this semester:
Reacting to the Past (worst class ever), Gov 100: Intro to Political Theory (mehh), Chinese 1 (mehh), Intro to Cell Biology (woooo).

I am currently in the midst of researching desert plants and invasive species with my biology professor.
I might be running for class of 2018 secretary.
I am involved in like 4 different house committees.
I am the secretary for the lit mag Labrys! WOOOOO. SO EXCITED. I miss web design and being creative :'(

So those are all the thoughts that are currently going through my head. This semester is somehow rapidly spinning to an end and I am so ready for the next one...
xx talk soon


  1. Looks like you're really getting a lot out of the college experience! Glad it's been good to you so far and hope you continue to live a flourishing life :)

    -Riley XO

    1. Thanks so much :) college has been stressful, fun, and overwhelming all in one.